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You’ve found out how to cut your energy bills in the home, and put out the recycling, so now it’s time for an environmental blog of a different kind. Welcome to Waytogo, the green transport news blog. Find out how you or your business can reduce your carbon footprint, what eco-friendly travel is all about, and national projects such as ‘Ride Your Bike To Work

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Hovercraft link set to create many new jobs

The people behind the construction of a hovercraft link that would connect Liverpool to Blackpool and Wales said that the project would create many jobs and boost tourism in the region. The full details of the project were released today by Hoverlink, which is based on Wirral following a concern by Chris Ruane who is the Welsh MP, about the need for a hovercraft link

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Road repair budget cut in Edinburgh due to cycling projects

Edinburgh’s road repair budget is facing cuts that come up to one million pounds so that the city can continue to invest money into cycling projects instead. As a result of the cuts, about 21,000 less potholes will be repaired over the course of 2014 with the money instead going towards additional bike storage facilities and many more miles of cycle trails. The city has

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Saving money on your home energy bills


If you are looking for simple ways to reduce your energy bills then you will be glad to hear that E.ON, one of the country’s leading energy providers, is taking steps to help you.

Whilst recognising that everyone uses energy differently and has different needs and requirements based on their own lifestyle, E.ON acknowledges that everyone would like to have cheaper electricity and

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Pennine Reach bus service sees a huge improvement due to £40m green grant

East Lancashire will soon benefit from a new green transport project that has received £40m to kick off new improvements for the Pennine Reach bus network. The funding will be used to upgrade the bus line and create new bus stations to increase the efficiency of the bus network at Accrington and Blackburn. The entire East Lancashire is expected to benefit from the upgrade that

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New bike hire locations in Nottingham set to be a big success

A new project in Nottingham is no doubt going to become very popular as it involves the setting up of new locations for bike hire. The fact that the project is environment friendly has also meant that the local authorities are likely to be considered when the Environment Awards are announced in the Nottingham Post.

Jane Urquhart, a local Councillor and the holder of the

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The Benefits of Electric Cars

We’re all being told that electric cars are the future of motoring, but on the evidence of what we’ve seen at exhibitions and on the market already, we’re a long way off being sold on their ability to replace the models we know and love.

Until the day finally arrives where the various concepts are up to the standard required to replace our current gas-guzzling

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Government’s incentive to buy green motors proves to be a flop

The British government is still promoting a greener environment and zero automobile emissions, but its £5,000 subsidy/rebate for the purchase of an electric vehicle has turned out to be less effective than hoped or expected, and it’s going to be phased out and ultimately scrapped.

The decision and announcement comes after reports from various experts, but a withering report last September from the Commons Transport

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Folding electric car developed in Korea

Do you often find yourself caught in the city traffic jam, unable to take your car out to reach your destination through an alternate route? You have no option but to inhale all those poisonous exhaust fumes emanating from all the cars caught in the jam.

A team of scientists has come up with a brilliant idea to face the problem of traffic jam in

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New funding creates hundred of new electric car charging points

New funding creates hundred of new electric car charging points

Streets, stations and hospitals right across the UK will soon be seeing a whole wave of new charge points for electric cars thanks to funding from the government.

It was announced back in February that the government would be providing a further £37 million in order to offset the costs of installing a full

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Germany accused of using shady ways to stop green car legislation

Germany has been accused of using threats, blackmail and intimidation, by diplomats of the EU states, in stopping legislation of green cars to be introduced. German Chancellor Angela Merkel is accused of using excessive pressure against EU countries to stop the debate on regulations that would see emissions brought down to 95 grams of CO2 per km by 2020.

According to rumours, the chancellor called

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