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Will motorists get a £5,000 green discount?

Green campaigners and opposition politicians are claiming that a new grant scheme from the government to offer motorists around £5,000 off the price of an electric car has been reduced by about 80% today. According to these campaigners, the fate of low emission cars also now in question.

Philip Hammond, the transport secretary however confirmed that the grant will proceed as planned in January of

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Motorists steer clear of green transportation because of costs

Nearly 25% of all motorists in Britain would choose not to purchase an eco-friendly vehicle according to new research by tyre manufacturer Bridgestone. The study claims that 23% of Britons do not want to drive such a vehicle and out of that number another 40% think that motorbikes and cars that are electric or hydrogen powered would be a hassle to charge.

The poll was

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Passenger planes 80% more fuel efficient that in the 60s

Most travelers now book their flights online and then check in using their mobile phones without giving any of these newer features a second thought. While a plane today looks similar to the first jet aircraft that hit the runways in 1960, they are now 80% more fuel efficient, proving that the entire airline industry has come a long way.

Paul Steele of the Air

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Businesses can transport carbon footprint with WebExpenses

WebExpenses, is a system for tracking the carbon footprint of different types of transport, including cars, buses, trains and planes. The new system enables business travellers to calculate their carbon footprint using up-to-date, government-approved carbon and environmental data.

Unlike other carbon tracking systems currently on the market, the WebExpenses software works in real time, whereas others produce the results only at reporting stage. This means

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