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Nottingham turning away from cars

Nottingham was named the least car-dependent city in England in a survey that included 19 major cities and towns from across the nation. At the bottom of the list was Milton Keynes.

Campaign for Better Transport, the green lobbying group, took a close look at each community by rating them against seventeen indicators of car dependence that were split between three larger categories which included

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Daimler launches upmarket car sharing site

Car sharing will be getting a technological boost with a new web-based system for sharing rides. While people used to hesitantly take turns with one of their fellow workers to drive to work every day, it will be easier than ever to organize ride sharing with a new web-based service.

car2gether, the new service that will soon be launched by the car company Daimler, allows

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Renewable Fuels Agency says biofuels are not as green as they should be

According to the Renewable Fuels Agency, most biofuels that are traded on forecourts in the U.K. are not meeting environmental standards. The agency has said that they were falling short on conforming to green standards that have been made voluntary, despite having enough volume targets that are legally binding. Still, there have been fewer emissions as the biofuels that are being sold have been mixed

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