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Is it more environmentally friendly to take the bus? Perhaps not

Do you worry about the environment and the ways in which you can help reduce your carbon footprint? Are you under the impression that taking public transport over driving your car lowers the amount of greenhouse gas emissions that you create?

You may be surprised to find that taking public transport has a lot of hidden emissions that increase the ‘tailpipe tally’ which is calculated

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Will space tourism boost global warming?

One of the biggest causes of global warming could be rocket launches into outer space, says a recent report. With commercial space flight may come the reality of commercial space pollution says “Geophysical Research Letters”, a trade publication that has recently printed a report that that says 1000 space launches per year would deposit enough rocket soot into the stratosphere to change global atmospheric conditions.

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Green Investment Bank suffers in spending review

Chancellor George Osborne outlined the Spending Review this week, stating that he was confident the Coalition government would be able to save Britain from its current status on the edge of bankruptcy.

Osborne announced that included in the review were cuts to transport, defence, and benefits in an effort to reduce the Budget deficit by the year 2015.

One of the cuts involves the Green

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Reading University eco-friendly Connect vehicles

Connect by Hertz has announced a new deal with the University of Reading that will allow its car club to provide service to 18,000 students. The car hire group will offer students at the University to hire eco-friendly Connect vehicles on an hourly basis. The vehicles will be Fiat 500 models.

The vehicles can be hired from the campus at the low cost of just

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Most eco-friendly bus driver in London

Paul Cooper, a Mertron bus driver was named the most eco-friendly in London, at least according to Go Ahead London. Cooper beat out 4500 other bus drivers to win a Fiat 500.

He was thrilled with his victory, citing the instructor he had as the reason for his success.

All of the drivers were given instructors and advised on how to operate their buses in

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Zero-carbon private cars are a necessity, not an option

Transport Secretary Phillip Hammond supplied the slogan for the Low Carbon Vehicle Conference when he said, “It’s not the car that’s the problem, it’s the carbon.” He noted that low or zero-carbon private cars are a necessity, not an option.

Speaking about the future of low-carbon vehicles in the U.K., Hammond said that he and the government understand that the encouragement given to rail transport,

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Bikes use London bus lanes to save fuel

The Transport of London trial that allowed motorcyclists to use the bus lanes has now ended, but the practice will remain in place. The test showed that allowing the motorbikes access to the bus lanes greatly reduced commuter travel and congestion without adverse affect to the bus lines.

One detriment is that there seems to have been an increase in motorcycle accidents in relation to

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Haringey Council see’s just one sign up for car charging points

Environment bosses are red in the face after a new motoring scheme that cost £100,000 only drew the interest of one motorist. The initiative led to the placement of 12 car charging points throughout Haringey over 2009 and only resulted in one driver buying a membership for £50.

Even if the plan has not been embraced, Transport for London has chosen to pledge another £30,000

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