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Tata Land Rover gets £27 million for eco car

Jaguar Land Rover, owned by the Indian firm Tata, now has a £27 million pot available from taxpayers, to build an environmentally friendly car, part of an attempt by the government to bolster the distressed industry.

The funds can be used when Jaguar, says it will start making the lightweight, condensed, Land Rover LRX. The LRX would be built at Land Rover’s Merseyside Halewood unit.

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The 2010 Green Steering Wheel award

Peugeot’s iOn is the winner of the 2010 Green Steering Wheel. This is an award given to the car with the lowest environmental impact. It is part of the famous German Golden Steering Wheel, given out every year by Axel Springer press for the past 34 years; the iOn is a totally electric vehicle,

The Green Steering Wheel award was instigated back in 2007 and

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Eurocar World’s Leading Green Transport Solution Company

The World’s Leading Green Transport Solution Company was announced at this year’s World Travel Awards and, for the second time running, it was Eurocar.

Eurocar undoubtedly has the most environmentally sound fleet of automobiles. Everything is available from low carbon emission autos to models compatible with ethanol, biofuels, and natural gas.

Eurocar representatives said that receiving the award once again was a great honour for

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Scottish Green Bus Fund £1 million boost

The government is providing another £1 million for the Scottish Green Bus Fund. The subsidy exists to help transport partnerships, bus operators, and local enterprises to purchase low carbon emission buses for public transportation.

The Scottish Green Bus Fund has already benefited from an investment of more than £3 million from the government. The government sees the Scottish Green Bus Fund as an essential element

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Expensive green cars holding back eco vehicle expansion

Experts are warning that technology will not be the biggest barrier to a growth in the use of low emission vehicles throughout the UK. The barrier, they point out; will undoubtedly be on the retail end of the equation. Low emissions, hybrid, and electric cars are substantially more expensive than standard emission autos, and the industry does not seem prepared or equipped to change this.

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Bridgestone’s Eco-Rally for environmentally friendly automobiles

Bridgestone Tyres recently announced that they will once again host Bridgestone’s Eco-Rally for environmentally friendly automobiles. In order to highlight their support for low emission vehicles, Bridgestone Tyres plans to feature vehicles that will be qualified for the government’s new plug-in car grant.

Bridgestone is allying themselves with the revolutionary automobile concepts of the future and will feature vehicles like BMW’s Hydrogen 7 limos, concept

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New super-eco, cruise ferry from Viking

The world’s most ecologically sound cruise ferry is being built for Viking Lines, it was recently announced by the firm. The ferry, being built by STX shipbuilders out of Finland, will be the environmentally friendliest of its kind. The two have just signed an initial deal that also makes an accommodation for Viking to purchase a sister ship.

The ferry is projected to cost well

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