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Inside the Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius is a car from Japanese car manufacturer Toyota, in which a Hybrid Synergy Drive-called petrol-electric hybrid drive is used. The first generation of this vehicle was released at the end of 1997.

The larger second generation hatchback was introduced in 2003. Since 2009, it will be sold worldwide in the third generation models. The Toyota Prius was the first mass-production model incorporating

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Honda launches electric scooter, EC-neo

Honda has announced the launch of its new electric scooter, EC-neo. The vehicle will be rolled out to business owners in Japan in the first quarter of next year. For a start the company will pilot 100 vehicles, with plans to increase the number of leased vehicles to 1000 every year.

Retailed for approximately €4,000 in Japan, the vehicle will first be piloted with delivery

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World Taxis from VW

Klaus Bischoff, Volkswagen head of design, unveiled today the latest of the company’s “World Taxis” concept cab. Volkswagen’s new electric Taxi Concept aims to face up to the stringent space and carbon emission restrictions imposed by urban motoring laws and guidelines.

Based on the “UP!” city car platform, the new taxi is powered by 112bhp generated by its 45KW/H lithium-Ion batteries, which gives it a

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Project SARTRE approved

“Project SARTRE”, or Safe Road Trains for the Environment, is being hailed as a viable innovation in motorway driving. The project got underway last year with a research team led by engineering firm Ricardo UK and backed by the European Commission, and now it is ready to hit the highway.

SATRE’s “road train” system employs one lead vehicle, driven by a live human, to head

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Hydrogen buses to ply London streets

Transport for London is bringing “the next generation” of super-green transportation to the public: hydrogen buses, eight of them before Christmas, according to plan. One is already in service on the ever-popular tourist route that takes in Covent Garden, the South Bank and the Tower of London, and seven more are scheduled for the coming week.

The new bus, designed specially for London, runs on

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Fiat likes the smell of natural gas

Many automakers are betting that their cars of the future will be hybrids. Manufacturers like Toyota in Japan and Chevy in the US have pinned expectations on the hybrid technology that couples petrol and battery power. The battery pack and standard fuel combination has proved a popular tandem with those who want to reduce the automobile’s carbon footprint on the planet.

Fiat, however, is going

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Richard Branson rates how green ships are

Richard Branson, in his role as environmental advocate, has opened a new website that rates ships of all kinds according to their earth-friendliness. He says that it is part of his attempt to green the shipping business.

On the site, it is easy to tell which are the low emission vessels in comparison to others. The sight lists cruise ships, cargo ships, tankers, and more.

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Few companies take up subsidized eco-driving training

Even though companies can cut their fuel expenses, save wear on their vehicles, and lower their carbon footprint, few are taking advantage of a government subsidized eco-driving training. The training course is so heavily subsidized that the cost to companies is just £15 per person who takes the course.

It is a high frustration factor among officials at the Department for Transport that the courses

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Panasonic Evolta robot completes 310 mile trip across Japan

Panasonic’s robo-mascot powered by rechargeable EVOLTA batteries has been welcomed by crowds in Kyoto after completing a two-month long, 310 mile trip from Tokyo to Kyoto this week.

The seven inch tall robot, weighing just two pounds has been nicknamed Mr. EVOLTA and is essentially a small green character made of plastic and carbon fibre with two Panasonic rechargeable EVOLTA batteries on its back. It

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Wales not happy about green rail delays

The decision to hold off on electrifying the rail lines to Wales is meeting public, political, and business outcry against the Westminster Government. The decision, it seemed, had already been made to electrify the rail from London to Didcot, at a cost of about £600 million. However, a conclusion on electrifying the rail has been postponed until after the New Year. The UK Government says

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