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£560m cash for greener council transport

£560m is coming into the pockets of Local Councils. The funds are being given to aid in green transport projects. These projects are part of the new government plans to reduce transportation gases without cutting into the economic growth.

A new protocol was announced giving details of the method for councils to enter bids to receive a portion of the Local Sustainable Transport Fund. It

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Many swapping car for electric bike

There are obvious downsides to owning and operating a car, but life would come to an immediate stop if we decided to stop driving and not leave home. But what if there were alternatives, well the truth is there are alternatives to driving a car, and one of those is an electric bike.

Depending on your riding habits, the lithium battery powered bike can take

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Many people may move from cars to electric bikes

There are many alternatives to cars, although for most of us, giving up our cars completely is not an option. Having said that, if the price of petrol continues to rise as it has been doing, many people might just think about it.

The push-bike is one such alternative, but for many, it’s not an option, they live too far away from work and there

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Jenny Jones wants big rise in congestion charges

Jenny Jones, who joined the Green Party in 1988, and served as deputy mayor of London in 2003-4, is hoping to bring her green experience and dedication to improving the urban environment to the office of Mayor for London. She will be campaigning for nomination by the Green Party and has announced that Darren Johnson will be her running mate.

Ms Jones has been a

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Ford Focus Electric makes debut

Simultaneously in Las Vegas and New York, Ford Motors revealed its premier electric mainstream car.

The Ford Focus Electric was unveiled at the speech of Alan Mulally, Ford CEO, in the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas (CES). Everyone hopes it will be for sale later in 2011.

The car is a hatchback with five doors and is the first in a lineup with four

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Business Travel May Soon Become Extinct

Business travel is an integral part of the modern world. Globalisation has led to huge multinational companies stretched between separate offices in different time zones or even continents. Now a huge number of people travel all over the world for meetings, conferences and sales pitches. This is bad for the environment as the majority of these trips involve air travel. It would be a huge

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Personal rapid transit is coming

In terms of political engagement, Sweden has taken the lead with a network of interested local authorities. A comprehensive study of the Ministry of Infrastructure is working with Banverket, Swedish Rail Administration, and other institutions the green light to pilot facilities for public use in selected cities.

In Uppsala (Sweden) already has a system with linear motors being used for test runs. This system, called

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