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Loch Lomond green waterbus returns

With the reintroduction of ‘green’ waterbus tourism on Loch Lomond is ready for a big boost, this following a successful pilot program in 2010 where over 5,000 people used the alternative transport and the new system is programmed to start promptly and will serve as a scenic alternative to car travel and it is environmentally friendly.

Many tourism spots around the world have their own

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Two wheels are far more efficient than four

In these days of crazy fuel prices, escalating train fares and other transport costs, plus no decent cheap deals on your car insurance, a more fuel efficient, environmentally-friendly solution is right under our noses and we might not even have realised it. We can always ditch the car and get around by scooter or motorbike and we would probably have a lot more fun doing

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1400 car charging stations coming to London

To rollout some 1,399 electric vehicle (EV) charge points, over the next four years, throughout the capital Siemens secured a multi million pound contract with the Transport of London (TfL).

The ideas is to create a homogenized charging point network throughout the capital and the TfL announced the finalized deal in which Siemens will manage the Source London network and also register drivers for the

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Liquid may replace salt as de-icer

After a successful trial in the northeast, there is now a liquid that can cut through snow and ice at -20C. After failures of trying to cope with sub zero temperatures using salt and grit, the Scottish Government is testing the ice eliminator.

Trials show a significant result after being sprayed onto hard packed snow and ice, earlier this month. It can also be mixed

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Is hydrogen the fuel of the future?

For some time, hydrogen has been seen as the fuel of the future. With soaring oil prices, and the widespread availability of hydrogen (it is the most abundant element on the planet), researchers have, for some years, been trying to establish whether it will be a viable alternative to petrol and diesel. Instead of the harmful exhaust gases given off by conventional fuels, hydrogen produces

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Darlington may have the solution to green transport

An unlikely pioneer has emerged in the battle to encourage greener transport – Darlington, County Durham, in the North East, and it has only been 2 years in the making! The town is well-known for its association with railways; therefore, it is well-placed for continued transport innovation.

Local Authority officers will present Darlington’s third plan on transport to their Cabinet on Thursday this week. The

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VW’s 300mpg car here in 2 years

In 2013, in the UK and Germany VW will have limited production of the diesel-electric hybrid, a two-seater that gets 313 mpg, which is the result of 12 years of Volkswagen group research. The group started out with a two-seater called the one litre car driven by the 2002 outgoing VW boss Dr. Ferdinand Piëch, from VW’s headquarters to the shareholder’s meeting in Hamburg, with

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