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Small transport business needs to improve emissions control

The Green Transport Network has launched a new website through uShip aiming to assist small and medium sized transport businesses move towards sustainable better emission control. It promises to reduce the 14% of transport emissions resulting from the 3.24million van fleet of the country.

Vans now outnumber HGVs by 8 to 1 on our roads following a 38% increase in the number of vans since

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Cars are much cleaner now than the 90s

It could well be the best time to invest in an environmentally friendly vehicle as the humble motor is much greener today than ever before with new cars being 20% cleaner and those of pre 2000 and much more fuel-efficient that the older models.

The rule of thumb is that less carbon dioxide is produced on cars with smaller engines and more fuel efficient the

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Electric cars set to take over UK roads

As thousands of electric vehicles with zero-emissions hit the road over the next few years, a new revolution will take place in motoring if predictions are right. The electric cars should play and important role in emissions reduction by cutting the dependence on petrol.

The humble car park space will soon take on a huge transformation gone will be the days of just a bare

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Cheaper new hydrogen fuel may replace petrol

Cella Energy, backed by the UK taxpayer and Rutherford Appleton Laboratory of Oxford University, is the company with some ambitious claims saying that a cheaper new hydrogen fuel can replace petrol with the next three years.

As inexpensive as 90p per litre is what researchers are claiming could be the prices of the new green energy which is quite a bit less than the current

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Edinburgh gets on its electric scooter

In an attempt to become more environmentally friendly, three of Edinburgh’s largest employers are going to use a fleet of electric scooters for staff. Standard Life, Royal Bank of Scotland and the city council during the day and in their spare time will use scooters for commuting.

The city council’s environmental leader, Robert Aldridge is taking part in trial that is expected to be six

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The BMWi is a green dream

The Germans are at it again, leading the way in the car market. The BMWi model range was launched this week in Munich, including a car with the performance of a supercar but all the benefits of a hybrid car in terms of economy and their impact on the environment – it delivers 90 miles per gallon, which can be no bad thing in this

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