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Green car club is a financial and ethical winner

THE founder of the ‘City Car Club’ a car-sharing club which operates in the major cities of the UK looks to be inline for a windfall worth several million pounds. It ahs emerged that he is accepting bids for the company from prospective buyers. The CCC claims to be the ‘greenest’ in the world and is currently in 14 UK cities, including Glasgow and Edinburgh.

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Olympic Games smog fines may be on the way

With the Olympic Games due to start in August 2012, we face the prospect of a heavy fine from the International Olympic Committee, should we continue to transgress air pollution laws. The Government and Olympic committee had set goals hoping these Games would be the greenest ever and the possibility of a fine approaching £174m is causing major embarrassment to officials.


In terms of

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Hertz wants to turn London electric

London may soon be home to more electric vehicles than any other city in Europe, with more charging stations than petrol stations, according to the latest reports. Hertz, the world’s largest rental car agency, has announced it is expanding its London fleet of electric cars through Connect by Hertz.


To start with, PwC will be offering two Mitsubishi i-MiEV’s to its employees, to be

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Cable car across Thames will be green transport not tourist attraction

Transport for London today announced that the cable car link across the Thames would begin construction this summer. The scheme, costing an estimated £50.5m will connect the Excel centre and Royal Victoria Docks to the O2 Arena and Greenwich peninsular. There will be 34 Gondola style cabins capable of transporting 2500 people an hour across the 1200 yards in a 5-minute journey.

The cost of

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Sustainable Transport key to EU Policy White Paper

The ‘Roadmap to a Single European Transport Area’ has recently been published by the EU. This is a white paper about the EU’s strategy regarding competitive, sustainable transport up until the year 2050. During this time greener, cheaper and much more efficient transport will become the norm. One of the key points in the white paper is the banning of all conventional-fuelled cars in all

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Honda’s near secret green car

Honda showrooms across the United States will soon have the greenest car that most likely no one has ever heard of, as the automaker increases the sales of the natural gas powered Civic.

The green market has been quietly won by Honda with winning of awards for more than a decade. The automaker first introduced the car to business fleet owners, government and then retail

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Nottingham battery-powered buses ready to come online

Later this year in Nottingham battery-powered buses will be in service. Eight Optare Solo electric vehicles have been ordered by the city council after receiving more that £760,000 of the £1.7 million for the project from the Government’s Green Bus Fund

The free service that links Victoria Centre with and the Old Market Square and the Broadmarsh Center, Centrelink route, will receive four this autumn.

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Glastonbury Festival turning green

The Glastonbury Festival has caught the “go green” bug and is promoting the idea that visitors to the world famous music festival use bikes instead of fuel driven modes of transport to get to the event this year. The Green Traveller program includes benefits like secure parking, guided rides from various towns in a 20 mile radius of the festival and dedicated campsites for cyclists.

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F1 will have electric version

A new championship series for electric cars has been asked for by the European Commission with the Formula One’s governing body in charge. A new electric car, go-kart and single-seater racing series is being worked towards says FIA president Jean Todt.

The series is wanted as soon as possible Todt told the Financial Times and added that as early as 2013 could be the inaugural

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Low Emission Zone to be very green car friendly

Though some members of the Green Party and others have complained that the measure is past due and unlikely to do much good, London mayor Boris Johnson has made another move to clean up the city’s air. He announced that there will be substantial discounts on the purchase of new ‘green’ vans and mini-buses, chiefly for the benefit of small business owners.

Currently, large buses,

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