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Flying to your destination doesn’t mean that you can’t be eco-conscious

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We all know that planes are not the most environmentally friendly mode of transport, but if you’re planning a trip to the other side of the world, time constraints usually mean it is still an inevitable way to travel. If this is the case you will need to compare your air travel options to make sure you get the best deal out

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Fold up bikes a great addition to green transport

For those that want to cycle to work, or anywhere for that matter, there is really nowhere you can go without worrying about where to leave it. For those who want a mode of transport and exercise that is easily stored at home then choosing one of the many fold up bikes may be a solution. But not to worry, the geekiness and uncoolness is

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Welsh Government makes investment in green transport

Today the Welsh Government will announce that an additional £6m will be used to develop sustainable transport over the next year across the country. The funding will help create travel centres that are sustainable in Aberystwyth, Mon a Menai and Carmarthen and Haverfordwest and a Cardiff pilot scheme.

Opposition parties and environmental groups both welcomed the move but mentioned additional effort is needed to change

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Local Sustainable Transport Fund’s hand out £155m

For 39 schemes for low carbon transport the Department of Transport has given out over £155m. As part of the Local Sustainable Transport Fund’s first allocation the projects won funding. They include eight regions and 37 total local authorities and many partners. All involved were determined to be effective when brought up against the two key objectives – cutting carbon and creating growth.

The schemes

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Essential guide to electric vehicles – future imperfect from Leasedrive

The largest UK independent privately held management group for vehicles, Leasedrive, has produced an Essential Guide to Electric Vehicles – Future Imperfect. Just like the title suggests the company feels electric vehicles will find the road bumpy with many uncertainties along the way.

Commercial director of Leasedrive Roddy Graham says while it may look as though the future of hybrid or electric vehicles is all

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Manchester goes electric with new network of Pod Centres

A great new network of Pod Centres and charge points will be launched across the Greater Manchester area this autumn. Manchester Electric is a collaboration between the MECC, Manchester Electric Car Company and several other partners. They will be launching 6 large pod centres and 300 charge points to help bring the electric vehicle, or EV, to Manchester.

Manchester Electric is a new state of

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Hydrogen cars only have water as a by-product

Hydrogen can be released from fossil fuels, and is an energy supply that is very low in carbon emissions. Breaking water down into its component parts with electricity (electrolysis) releases hydrogen that is renewable and gives off no carbon emissions.

It is said that one gallon of hydrogen gas gives off the same amount of energy as one gallon of petrol whilst giving out only

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