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Scottish National Party wants big eco transport investments

Should they be re-elected, The Scottish National Party has undertaken to advance £50m to environmentally friendly transport projects. The pledge was announced last week in the SNP’s £250m Futures Fund Budget. The funding has become possible due to savings which have been made on the Forth Bridge project.

The SNP leader, Alex Salmond, has stated that transport is the foremost source of CO2 gas, accounting

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Formula 1 Takes Pole Position in Green Car Movement

Formula One’s governing body, the FIA, has announced the introduction of a new set of technical regulations for the 2014 season. It is hoped that this will help to improve the sports environmental credentials, and lead the way when it comes to technical innovations in the green car market.

But can an eternally glamorous and high cost sport, which is fundamentally based around the wasteful

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Ecotricity, electric vehicle charge points with Duttons

Ecotricity, electric vehicle charge points with Duttons

The greenest electricity supplier in the UK, Ecotricity, have announced that they are to roll out the first network of electric vehicle charging points on motorways in the world. These will be placed at motorway services run by Welcome Break, and the graphics will be supplied by Duttons Design

Duttons has been working alongside Ecotricity for the

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PageOne Connect will help EDF run its green travel initiative.

PageOne communications has announced that EDF Energy will be deploying its 2 way text messaging solution. PageOne is the UK’s largest provider of SMS solutions to the enterprise and public sectors. The SMS system, known as PageOne Connect will help EDF run its green travel initiative. The initiative by EDF Energy will use better car parking management to ease congestion. This will help the company

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GM corn gives boost to ethanol fuel

In the United States farmers have begun to plant a GM corn variety that will be better at producing ethanol. This has drawn criticism for the food industry and environmentalists, who say this product will make the international food crisis worse.

The corn is being grown in Kansas and has been developed by a Swiss company, Syngenta. Critics have said that if the corn should

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London jumps on the first year of Boris Bikes

London’s ‘Boris Bikes’ have now been in operation for about a year from their launch in August 2010. The scheme, instigated by London mayor Boris Johnson, has a good deal of support from Londoners, and of course it’s also had its share of criticism, but so far the benefits seem to outweigh the drawbacks, at least for most of those who actually use the bikes

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Bridgestone Eco-Rally returns for its fifth year

Watch out super cars and gas guzzlers, this weekend is just for eco-friendly vehicles. From cars to motorbikes and taxis to trucks, the London streets will be overflowing with green mobiles on Sunday as the Bridgestone Eco-Rally returns for its fifth year.

Starting in Oxford Street, the cavalcade of the most fuel efficient and advanced vehicles in the world will drive up The Mall, with

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