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EcoVelocity test drive event

EcoVelocity was the single biggest test drive event that the UK has seen. The event saw more than seven thousand people come to test drive various cars that are more friendly for the environment, such as electric or ultra-low emission models. At the event there was a specially designed test track that allowed people to find out what it would be like to own one

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Swindon is home to new hydrogen filling station

In a big step forward for cars that are powered by hydrogen, a filling station that can be used by the public has been opened in Swindon. The station is being run by the British Oxygen Company and is hopefully going to make having a hydrogen car a better alternative to petrol.

The South West Regional Development Agency gave a grant to the local council

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Electric car friendly city’s on the way

The government has a big plan to bring more electric cars to the streets of the UK, and it intends to make several UK cities locations that are very friendly for electrics cars. Recent information has said that those who buy a car that is electric, or hybrid, may get a contribution to it from the government of up to £5,000. It is the government’s

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City’s jostle for green investment bank

Many cities are bidding for the opportunity to host the green investment bank that the government hope will help in paying for the countries movement to an economy free of pollution. Leeds city is one of the latest to offer a bid and minsters are being urged to choose the city over its rival London.

London is just one of the rivals that Leeds is

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Edinburgh city will see a fleet of hybrid buses

Keith Brown, the transport minister, has just announced that there will be a fleet of hybrid buses brought to Edinburgh city. Fifteen buses in total will come, and they have been reported to produce about a third less carbon emissions than a diesel bus. The buses are partly financed by the Green Bus Fund – an initiative by the Scottish Government.

Mr Brown commented about

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The Green Investment Bank is high on government must do list

The Green Investment Bank is one of the main elements that form a part of the governments green agenda. Greg Mulholland is an MP and has said that he is very happy to have been given the opportunity to launch the bid for the bank to come to the city of Leeds and its surrounding regions.

The launch event was at Broad Gate and around

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Fear that Olympics will put too much pressure on London’s green transport ambitions

Many people fear that the Olympic Games that are coming to London next year will be a flop much in the way the Millennium Dome was. The games are planned to be a giant and successful event, just as the Dome had been intended to be.

The latest news to hit the press about the Olympics is that VIP’s who come to the Games will

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TP Scoot electric run around

TP Scoot is a new electric scooter that is about to launch in the UK and promises a convenient and cheap way for commuters to get around the city. The scooter costs a touch over £1000 and is classified in a similar way as a 50cc petrol scooter. It has been available in Germany for 10 years and is just now being brought to the

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EDF Energy using SMS to save fuel

EDF Energy is one of the UK’s biggest suppliers of energy is using SMS communications to help its staff cut down on the amount that they use their cars. PageOne Communication are the company behind the solution developed for EDF, who have introduced it on two of their sites in the South East.

The system is intended to do two main things; firstly, to reduce

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Plug-in hybrid bus coming from Volvo

Volvo Buses currently have in development a hybrid bus which plugs in and can drive for long distances on electricity with no exhaust and completely silent. Three buses will go through testing in Gothenburg, Sweden and are being supported by the EU. The Volvo company currently has the most efficient hybrid solution for trucks and buses in the world.

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