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Recyclebank Marks & Spencer or Cineworld offer

We all know about the physical rewards of walking and cycling as opposed to exercising a few motorist muscles like fingers on turn signals. However, if the rewards were actually monetary, as in points redeemable for goods at Marks & Spencer or Cineworld, for instance, it might be just the incentive needed to exercise the rest of the body too.

This is the plan with

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Government wants new attitude towards electric vehicles

Turning our gas-fuelled economy around is going to be a challenging project, according to the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR), Britain’s leading think tank. Meeting targets for climate change means that by 2020, at least 1.7 million vehicles would need to be electric or plug-in hybrids. In order to make this kind of transition, several moves need to be made on the part of

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Electric powered buses begin operation in Dorset

A new bus service operated by Dorset CC and supported by the Duchy of Cornwall and West Dorset district council will provide a new link between the centre of Dorchester and Poundbury. The number 6 will run from Monday to Saturday between Poundbury’s Queen Mother square and the railway station in Dorchester south. The stops in between will include Trinity Street and Dorset County Hospital.

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Elektromotive says pay as you go charge ups are needed

A leading organisation in the world of green motoring has claimed that creating stations where customers can pay as they go to charge their electric vehicles is the way to get more customers to change to green transport. Elektromotive have welcomed the recent announcement that that a network of privately funded charging points will be created right across Britain within the next 12 months.


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Thompson’s first package holiday powered by chip fat brings protests

The idea of a commercial flight powered by biofuel is something that many would think would appeal to environmental campaigners, but the Thomson flight which will be travelling to the Canary Islands on Thursday is doing so amongst a great deal of controversy. An engine on the plane will be running on a biofuel and standard fuel mixture. The biofuel is made from used cooking

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Eco Friendly Buses in Sheffield

Brian Blessed has recently launched the new fleet of eco friendly buses that Stagecoach Yorkshire has just spent £6 million bringing to the roads. This is placing the company at the front of the green initiative and should help to cut thousands of car journeys in the region. The initiative has been driven forward by the introduction of over twenty hybrid buses in Sheffield.


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