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The effect of 4 million new cars on UK roads

Over the next 25 years there is expected to be four million additional cars on the road in the UK which will cause delays in traffic to increase by about 54% according to new research. The RAC foundation predicts that as the population of the UK continues to grow in upwards of ten million that the rates of people owning cars will also increase up

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Electric and hybrid vehicles will help save the planet

Despite the constant publicity there are still many who don’t quite get the benefits that electric and hybrid vehicles can bring to the environment. The plain fact is that greener motoring is not just a flash in the pan that will just go away, it is essential to the survival of our environment as we know it. CO2 emissions are reaching a record high and

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CNN goes on the move to discover the future of transport

Television viewers will soon be able to enjoy a week long mini series called On The Move which explores transportation in the future. Audiences will be taken on an amazing journey through the mobility world and see its evolution like never before and the series will be reporting on the latest designs of vehicles, new and innovative technologies and global trends.

On The Move will

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Chip-fat-fuelled cars heading to London streets with greentomatocars

In keeping with their green identity Greentomatocars are expanding their fleet with more biodiesel fuelled vehicles. They are already the greenest private hire service in London, and offer executive and MPV options that are fuelled by chip fat. They have expanded their fleet in response to customer demand and have added 14 new 8 passenger biodiesel fuelled MPV’s as well as 6 new executive vehicles.

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Electric or hybrid car sales will grow

Paul Clarke is the editor of and he was recently one of the panellists at the Regent Street Motor Show. He answered many questions regarding low-carbon transport from figures from the transport industry who were in attendance as the are still many misconceptions regarding the viability of green motoring and how beneficial it actually is to the environment.

One of the key points is

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Smarter Driving Scheme wants to cut costs and save lives as well as the planet

One of the most avoidable costs to drivers is the fuel is burned during unnecessary acceleration. A good way to stop yourself from accelerating unnecessarily is to imagine that there is a pin attached to the accelerator pedal, and the harder and faster that you push down on it the more painful it will be.

A new scheme is being piloted in Kent is the

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IATA claims EU standing in the way of green flights

Tony Tyler the CEO of IATA claims that due to the fact that aviation is included in the EU ETS (European Union’s Emissions Trading Scheme) the companies are not able to concentrate on improving their green quality because they are focused on meeting other standards.

Tyler added that aviation has the highest goals when it comes to committing to environmental changes that will benefit the

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New App means you will never miss a London bus again!

An app called the London Bus Stop has been developed specifically for the bus commuters in London who no longer are prepared to stand waiting at wet and cold bust stops. This app has been developed by two entrepreneurs from London for smartphones and it delivers real time information of bus schedules for commuters.

According to the London Bus Stop app developers, it is totally

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