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Tay and Forth bridges tolls may come back to meet green targets

MSP’s have been told that in order for Scotland to meet its targets on carbon emissions, the tolls on the Tay and Forth bridges may have to be re-introduced. This shock revelation has come from Robert Black, the auditor general, who has said that the Scottish Government is facing major challenges to meet the target they have set themselves of reducing emissions by 42% by

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Leadership Award from the Energy Saving Trust Fleet Hero Awards 2011

Britain’s determination to develop a ‘green’ transport system is usually typified by the purchase of new vehicles that incorporate the latest eco-friendly technology, and that’s certainly an important factor. However, one issue that has been overlooked in most cases is driving habits; the way we drive makes a significant difference in the amount of fuel the vehicle consumes, regardless of the type of fuel.


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Green bus investment in Yorkshire

There is going to be a new express bus running between Rotherham and Sheffield and it is expected that this will open up bring the development in the Tinsley area. The current bus journey lasts about 30 minutes and this express bus service is going to reduce this travel time to just 20 minutes. There is going to be a new road constructed between the

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London pay-as-you-go driving scheme

Boris Johnson has recently been encouraged to introduce a pay-as-you-go driving scheme across the capital city. He has been told that the failure to do this will mean that the city is incapable of reaching its pollution reduction targets. John Whitelegg is the professor behind a study which is examining ways for London to reduce its carbon emissions and he has found that this is

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Tokyo Motor Show looks into the future

The Tokyo Motor Show is one of the most famous shows of its kind in the world and is held in the capital city of Japan. It has always existed somewhere in between the past and the future and this latest show for 2011 is going to be looking much more into the future of motoring rather than into the past.

There are going to

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Scania GPS technology reduces climate impact

A new cruise control system which uses GPS to determine the position of a vehicle and then forecast of the topography of the road ahead has been developed by Scania. The vehicle’s cruising speed will then be adjusted before it enters an ascent or descent, thus helping the driver to get the best possible fuel economy.

This system can deliver a saving on fuel of

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uShip Green Transport Network

The Green Transport Network is a campaign that has been launched by uShip, the transport marketplace, and it has been set up to help van drivers reduce their carbon emissions. It suggests several cost-saving business practices that will help offset their CO2 emissions.

The campaign makes it very easy for van drivers to be able to calculate how much carbon they are emitting and it

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Green Bus Fund gets a boost

Britain is going to stay in the forefront of the world’s eventual transition from petrol-powered transport to a greener method of getting around. The government has just announced that another £25m will be allocated to the Green Bus Fund, and Transport Minister Norman Baker said that the additional money will not just pay for more ‘green’ buses, but it will create jobs and give the

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Stagecoach aims for big cut in bus energy use

An energy management system that is being implemented by the transport group Stagecoach has said that it intends to reduce the consumption of electricity at bus depots in the UK by around 20%. This is not only going to help reduce carbon emissions but it also going to save the company a great deal of money.

Stagecoach is based in Perth and is already using

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