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Controversy continues regarding north-south rail link

Controversy about HS2, the planned new rail link between North and South Britain continues, but the first phase linking London and Birmingham is definitely in the works. According to analysts like Nigel Lewis of, Birmingham will reap untold benefits in coming years.

He cited the example of first-time home buyers with good jobs in London as potential investors, given that they would be able

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Government face pressure about oil from tar sands

Environmental pressure groups have called on the UK government not to block a European Commission directive which would ban the use of oil produced from tar sands within the EU.

Organisations such as Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth claim these unconventional fuels, which are produced from oil-rich shale and tar sands in areas such as Canada, actually cause more pollution than existing fossil fuels.

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Stagecoach make massive investment in green transport

Transport giant Stagecoach has announced a major new investment in a fleet of buses and coaches which are kinder to the environment and will improve services outside of the capital.

The £60 million which bosses plan to spend on fleet improvement will buy almost 400 new vehicles during 2012 and 2013, with more orders anticipated in the next six months.

Stagecoach has already

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Leicester University reveal new environmentally-friendly traffic scheme

The National Space Centre at Leicester University hosted the launch of a new environmentally-friendly traffic scheme in January.

Bringing together experts from all over Europe, the project will be implemented in the East Midlands first, thanks to the participation of local bodies such as Leicester, Nottingham and De Montfort Universities as well as Leicester City Council and local firm Astrium Services. It is hoped that

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University of Leicester £2.5 million green grant

£2.5 million has been given to the University of Leicester so they can fund a new project which is going to investigate ways to bring down the amount of pollution being emitted from traffic in towns and cities across Europe. The project is being funded by the European Commission and is going to last for three years. The University are going to be bringing in

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HS2 funding for Wales

£2 billion of transport funding is going to be given to Wales as part of the high-speed rail network that is going to be rolled out across the UK. The transport spokesman for Plaid is Jonathan Edwards who has made the calculation that Wales should be receiving just under £2 billion to the investment in HS2.

The government recently approved the project and many people

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Jet bio-fuel prices set to drop

Analysts have reported that some of the aviation bio-fuels that are produced from non food vegetable oil could reach cost parity with the conventional fuels by as soon as 2018 id the efficiency of production continues to improve.

Jet fuels that are made from plants such as camelina and jatropha, or from the pyrolysis of cellulosic food stocks were likely to be

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Hydrogen buses head to Aberdeen

A politician from Aberdeen is calling on the Scottish Enterprise to help with the funding to bring hydrogen buses into the city. Kevin Stewart MSP is urging the business qaungo to top up the funding that has already been given by the Aberdeen County Council. These eco-friendly buses use a hydrogen fuel cell technology that only emits a water vapour, thus improving air quality.


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