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Green travel means different things to different people

Different people have different ideas about what constitutes green travel, some people believe that sharing cars into work, or taking public transport, counts as being green, whereas others would say that this is not enough, they would argue that in order to be truly green, you would need to be driving a vehicle that does not consume any nonrenewable energy. This might include cycling, walking

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Eureka Cycle Sports aim to raise awareness of the benefits of cycling

A programme is being undertaken by Eureka Cycle Sports which has been designed in order to educate people about the benefits of cycling. The campaign highlights to people that as well as a way to keep fit, cycling also helps reduce someone’s impact on the environment. By using a bike as a primary means of transport, less fuel is burned, which reduces a person’s carbon

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The race is certainly on to avoid transport meltdown during Olympics

It has been well documented how much disruption will be caused to the transport infrastructure during the Olympic Games, as well as the knock on effect it will have on the organisations and businesses. There has been much advice from the organisers of the Games, one such suggestion being that employees being allowed to work from home during the Games.

The result of this is

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New mapping tool is great news for British cyclists

New mapping tool is great news for British cyclists

Those who are members of British Cycling, which is the national governing body of the sport, are now able to map the rides, access more than 300 bike routes and also download some of the favourite rides of some of the GB Cycling Team thanks to a brand new online tool.

‘British Cycling Mapping’ has

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Government grants for electric vehicles expected to increase

The government are expected to increase the number of grants being offered for electric vehicles by expanding the grants to the commercial sector. It is expected that this is going to encourage an increased number of the vehicles being operated by businesses.

A recent report published by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has suggested that those who decide to purchase an electric vehicle will be

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Mayor of London contender means to make the Capital’s taxis greener

Brian Paddick is a contender for the Mayor of London from the Liberal Democrat party, and he has recently announced that if he were elected he would create a special loan scheme that would allow taxi drivers to purchase zero emission vehicles.

It has recently been discovered that Boris Johnson has failed to make any progress with the fund that he set up for cleaning

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Cambridgeshire rail loops make train travel greener

In Cambridgeshire, close to Ely Station, new rail loops are being constructed which will make rail transportation a more environmentally friendly process.

Network Rail is conducting the work which will see the loops installed on the Felixstowe to Nuneaton route. The new loops will mean that trains are able to carry larger containers and will improve the freight transportation facilities in the UK.

The loops

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Manchester United top of the league for environmental commitment

The football club, Manchester United, have become known for taking the lead when it comes to clubs that have an environmental commitment.

The football club has recently been the first to gain recognition of international standards for their systems for managing the club’s environmental impact.

The environmental ambassador for the club is its former captain, Gary Neville and he recently got the ISO14001 standard of

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P.M defends onshore windfarms


This week, the Prime Minister has issued a strong defence about the construction of windfarms onshore.

He said that he is dedicated to taking advantage of the opportunities renewable power provide.

A white paper was published last year entitled ‘Creating Growth, Cutting Carbon’ and it said that in order for the economy to be prosperous once again, the country needs to reduce the amount

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