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New contracts allow 300 miles of Surrey roads to be repaired and resurfaced

Within the first year of the new highways contract in Surrey County Council about 300 miles of road was repaired or resurfaced, which adds up to be more in distance than the route between Land’s End and London.

Last April, the council worked hard to get a bargain when it signed a load of contracts with companies in an effort to get the best deal

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Lake District tourists urged to choose green transport

The GoLakes Travel programme has been announced in the Lake District in an effort to help encourage tourists to choose environmentally friendly means of transportation during their stay.

The unique programme is valued at around £6.9m and is the result of a partnership between the Lake District National Park, Cumbria Tourism, and the Cumbria County Council. The aim of the programme is to reduce CO2

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Cumbria tackle traffic pollution with improved travel infrastructure

Improvement to Cumbria’s travel infrastructure is expected to benefit the area in many ways. For one it is going to reduce the number of vehicles that are coming to the Lake District which will help to tackle pollution issues. Furthermore, it is expected that the multi-million pound investment in the area is going to create around 100 jobs.

It is expected that the new development

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Largest UK generator of green energy launch public exhibition

The largest generator of green energy in the UK is SSE and they have recently started a public exhibition that features information about renewable energy. It also gives visitors information about the first dedicated electric vehicle in the country. It tells users about the charging of the car and also about the various parking facilities that have been created for it.

The exhibition is called

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Biomethane fuel testing comes to an end

The UK Centre for Excellence when it comes to low carbon vehicle technologies, Cenex, announced that their year long Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) trial has come to an end, producing a fleet vehicle that used biomethane for fuel.

The point of the trial was to see if biomethane use would help reduce the amount of CO2 emissions released into the air while also helping to lower

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Plug-in van grants causing a lot of interest

Parcel delivery services and other businesses in the UK that routinely utilise commercial vehicles may be able to jump into the new Plug-In Car Van Grant that is being offered by the coalition government. The new grant offers as much as £8000 to anyone that purchases an electric van in an effort to encourage people to continue to choose environmentally friendly modes of transportation.


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Government’s ‘plug-in’ grant scheme extended to vans

Those vehicle manufacturers who have invested billions into the development of electric cars and vans have been given a boost after the government extended its plug in grant scheme. Figures released by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders has underlined the need for continuing incentives as plug in hybrids and electric cars accounted for only 0.054% of cars sold in 2011, the equivalent of

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New project assesses viability of hydrogen fuel cells for cars

A new project has been set up that will assess the viability of plans that intend to commercially roll out electric vehicles in the UK with hydrogen fuel cells. This has been hailed as a ground breaking development in the electric vehicle market, and UKH2Mobility will be evaluating the potential of hydrogen as a primary fuel for Ultra Low Carbon Vehicles. It could then develop

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