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£56m invested into low carbon technologies in the UK

Low carbon technologies in the country are about to get a significant boost as around £56 million in investment is going to be put into the industry. Around £27 million of this is going to come from the Office for Low Emission Vehicles. This funding from the public sector is going to be complimented by nearly £30 million from the private sector and it is

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The Environment Movement faces its biggest challenges in the next 50 years

The Environment Movement has faced some very difficult issues over the past half century, but these are expected to pale in comparison compares to the two formidable challenges it is expected to come up against over the course of the next 50 years; climate change and population growth. It is now clear that neither of these huge problems can be solved as such, merely coped

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BOC increase their interest in the UK’s carbon capture and storage sector

BOC, the industrial gas specialists, have further increased their interests in CCS, the UK Carbon Capture and Storage sector, by taking a 15% stake in South Yorkshire’s proposed Don Valley Power Project that is costing £4.5bn.

Under the terms of this new agreement BOC, along with the Linde Group, their parent company, will be supplying both the carbon capture technology and the ASU’s, Air Separation

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EPOC Europe to open new recycling plant in the UK

EPOC Europe have just made the announcement that they are going to open a new recycling plant that is going to be recycling glass in a new way in order to make is suitable for use as a ground substrate.

The company have used the new material in an experiment at a church in Churchdown. The material has been transported to the site from Europe

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UK fuel prices set to rise due to new environmental targets

The EU have set environmental targets which have meant that fuel prices in the UK are going to rise significantly as a result. It is thought that prices could rise by up to 4p a litre as a result of the change.

The directive which will come from Brussels is part of an energy drive by the EU that is forcing its member states to

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Sharp Solar to move their HQ from Germany to North Wales

A restructuring plan is shortly going to be unveiled by Sharp Solar which is going to see the company move its headquarters building which is currently located in Germany, to a new building in North Wales. It is thought that this is going to be a significant boost for the economy in Wales when it comes to solar panels and something that is going to

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Vivienne Westwood to attend environmental awareness event in Bristol

Vivienne Westwood is certainly one of the most famous fashion designers in the country. She has products featured on the pages of Vogue, as well as items being sold in such popular department stores as House of Fraser. She is famous for clothing as much as she is her beauty products and she has recently been involved in a rather different project, activism to climate

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