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Government to spend £4.5bn on new trains

Nearly three and a half years after naming the consortium, the government has confirmed that it will spend £4.5bn on a new fleet of Intercity Express trains. The consortium will be led by Hitachi as the preferred bidder. The Department for Transport said that this means thousands of jobs will be secured and nearly a thousand more created.

The new fleet of trains will be

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Northern areas benefit from government funding for green transport schemes

Government funding of £11.5 million has been approved for green transport schemes in Tyne and Wear, Middlesborough, Harrogate and Whitby. The four schemes will cut congestion and boost the region’s economy. They will also make walking, cycling and public transport much more attractive propositions.

Delays on urban roads currently cost the UK economy roughly £11 billion a year. Reducing congestion improves the air quality as

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‘Borderlands’ rail scheme edging closer to fruition

Plans to electrify the new Wrexham to Bidston railway line are getting a bit closer day by day as Merseytravel is now continuing to move along the multi-million pound project that is set to transform rail travel in North Wales.

The scheme, referred to as the ‘Borderlands’ scheme is valued to be worth around £60m and will involve the electrification of some of the major

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Intercity Express to provide new fleet of trains

The government has confirmed that it plans to spend about £4.5b on a new fleet of trains from Intercity Express just three years after it it announced that Hitachi would be the new provider of its trains. The Department of Transportation stated that the new decision will help to create about 900 new jobs and will secure thousands of additional jobs.

Hitachi is a construction

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Bristol Metro system gets the green light

Transport ministers have already offered a green light to a package of rail improvements that will help make the Bristol Metro become a reality. Theresa Villiers, the Government minister, announced the many new improvements to the rail network that would take place in Temple Meads during a visit to the city this weekend.

The formal announcement was made just a few days ago, and was

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New schemes aim to make UK public transport more eco-friendly

New schemes have been created by the government to help make the transportation system in the UK more green friendly. Last week it was announced that railways will be made greener through a program valued at £4.2b that will see the railway systems become electrified.

The investment will create what is being called an ‘electric spine’ that will run from Yorkshire to the West Midlands

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Carbon emission targets set to bring huge boost to the IT market

The UK has a target to reduce its emission levels to a third of what they were in 1990 within the next eight years. It is estimated that this commitment by the government is going to bring a great deal of money to the information technology market, with investment estimated to be up to $15 billion.

This report has been issued by Cambium LLP, the

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Lake District looking at new transport systems to reduce traffic

The transport system in the Lake District was originally constructed in order to transport horses around, which is one reason why the traffic situation in the national park is sometimes so troubling.

The number of visitors coming by car to the Lake District has increased significantly over the years but the roads have not been substantially upgraded meaning that they are often clogged and busy

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Government allocates £250m for trolley bus scheme in Leeds

It is been five years since plans were first announced the installation of a trolley bus in the UK. However, the government have recently gone through with the plan and have allocated £250 million to be put aside for the construction of a New Generation Transport network. The system is going to be installed in Leeds and it is going to allow people who are

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£56m to be invested into developing low carbon technologies

New investments are going to be put into the development of low carbon technologies and transport in the UK. with over £56 million being invested in the sector. The Office for Low Emission Vehicles has recently pledged over £27 million towards the investment and this has been complimented by around £30 million of funding that has been raised in the private sector.

This money is

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