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New fund from Scottish government to encourage the use of electric buses

The Scottish government has announced that it is provide an extra £2.5m in order to encourage local bus companies to buy vehicles that are eco-friendly. Keith Brown, the transport minister, made the announcement during a debate in Parliament. The money makes up part of the Scottish Green Bus Fund, which already has helped bus companies to buy over 70 low carbon buses.

Bus companies are

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Water calculators and saving water

As the years go by, people become more and more environmentally conscious, but something that people fail to realise is that saving water is a very environmentally responsible action. Water is unquestionably the most valuable resource that people have, as it is essential for almost all life on Earth.

In the West, we’re known for taking water for granted, and we just expect it to

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National Park embraces Renault Twizy electric car

The electric vehicle from Renault, the Twizy, has recently been embraced by a national Park in the UK in order to allow people to travel round the park in the vehicle.

The electric car is capable of reaching up to 50 mph, and can travel over 50 miles before it needs to be recharged. Across the National Park over 25 electricity charge points have been

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Brecon Beacons to be the first national park with electric cars

The national park, the Brecon Beacons, is about to become one of the first to have electric cars operating within it. This park in Wales is one of the first in the country that is going to allow tourists to travel around it by using an electric vehicle, which is much more friendly for the environment.

The vehicles that are available for rent can reach

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New Nottingham electric bus system launched

Norman Baker, the Member of Parliament and Transport Minister, has just launched the new electric bus system which is operating in the centre of Nottingham. The new system that is operating in the city is the largest network of electric buses in the UK. The buses have been sponsored by the energy company E.ON and they create zero emissions.

Unfortunately, the buses are not cheap

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Bristol authorities working to encourage more to take public transport

In Bristol, several local authorities are currently working to encourage people to take public transport more, rather than their cars. It is estimated that the council are going to be spending nearly £15 million on a project that is going to encourage people to take advantage of public transport networks.

The city council as well as numerous others across the country, are participating in a

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Government reveal plans for more electrified railways

Before the government came to power they promised that they would be the greenest government ever in office, and so far not a great deal has been done to see this promise fulfilled.

However, the government have recently said that they are going to be focusing on electrifying more railways in the UK than ever before. The government have said that not only is this

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A look at the work done by the Press Business Awards

The Press Business Awards, now in their 22nd year, were conceived as a way to recognise and encourage excellence in small and medium businesses in the York area. There are numerous categories in which an organisation can enter the competition, including one for Sustainable Travel Initiative. The short list for 2012 awards has been published, and York University is one of three final contenders in

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Strategically placed greenery can make more difference to pollution than previously thought

In the never-ending search for cleaner air in our cities, ‘canyons’ have long been a sticking point. Those canyons are the ones enclosed on both sides by tall buildings and holding the traffic arteries that carry hoards of pollution-emitting vehicles to and fro in any large city. Up until recently the common assumption was that greenery in the form of trees, grass, vines and shrubs

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