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Plane v train, who will win the battle to the slopes?

Plane v train, who will win the battle to the slopes?

If you automatically presume that the fastest way to reach the ski slopes is by plane, then you may be forced to change your mind.

A race, in the style of a Top Gear challenge, is set to begin which pits a plane against a train to find out once and for all

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Debate still raging over third runway at Heathrow

The transport secretary has recently stated that the government are not going to consider a cross-party consensus over the issue of a third runway being constructed at Heathrow. There has been a great deal of pressure on the government about whether an expansion of this airport is going to take place, and particular focus has been put on the Prime Minister David Cameron, over whether

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Cardiff set to have the first suburb in the UK that is car free

It is possible that the first car free suburb in the UK is going to be in Cardiff, after plans have recently been considered by the city’s transport and planning chiefs. Ralph Cook is in charge of transport in the area, and he has recently stated that he is looking at plans that are taking off in Europe in order to develop a residential area

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Turkey gets ready to join the Eurail Global & Eurail Select Pass

Westbahn to Join Eurail Group GIE; SNCF to pull out of the Eurail Select Pass

Eurail Group G.I.E. are the organisation who are responsible for marketing the Eurail Pass and they have recently announced that there are going to be some changes to the product, which are going to take place at the start of 2013. First of all, Turkey are going to become

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Airports are big polluters, but that could change

It is a well-known fact that most airlines and airports use a lot of carbon, a sturdy and light material which is unfortunately a big pollutant. Due to this, many airports have started integrating different green-technologies in their operations.

According to the latest studies by the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), air travel transport is responsible for approximately 2% of the generated greenhouse gas.

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£11m helps in low carbon truck trial

An extra £11 million is being given by the government to a low carbon truck trial in a bid to help make the haulage industry more environmentally friendly. The Low Carbon Truck Demonstration Trial is a collaborative initiative between the Department for Transport and the Technology Strategy Board.

A total of £23 million has been put into the scheme which has 13 well known companies

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North East sees big green vehicle investment

A car parts giant from the North East is getting ready for green growth as it prepares for people to become more interested in electric vehicles. Unipres, the Sunderland based group, produces the steel that is used to build the inside car structure that is used in Honda and Nissan vehicles.

The company is placing a large investment into the electric vehicle market by installing

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£170m worth of green buses heading for London

A £170m taxpayer bill for the new eco-bus is great news for those who live in London according to the office of Boris Johnson even though the bill may seem a bit high at first glance. Jennette Arnold, a Hackney London Assembly Member, told Boris Johnson to put his priorities in order after it was announced just how much the new buses are going to

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Buddy up is the way for cyclists achieve half a million miles.

Cyclists buddy up to deliver half a million miles in less than 7.5 months.

With health warning that inactivity can be as bad for you as smoking and reports of Britons being amongst the laziest in Europe, a group of buddies are leading the way and setting the example for the nation to follow.

7 months ago was launched to help members find other

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E-bike cycling revolution comes to London

What: Launch of the most exciting electric bike shop in central London Justebikes

Where: 318 Portobello Road. W10 5RU. Tel: 0208 960 98 48. Tube: Ladbroke Grove.

When: Tuesday 9th of October 5pm to 7pm.

Who: Eden Project founder and CEO Sir Tim Smit will be cutting the ribbon, + VIPs + politicians

Sir Tim Smit, the founder of the world

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