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Eco friendly print products get the thumbs up from leading firms

The TierraFilm Backlit range of new eco-friendly print products created by Ceres Media have been both approved and tested fully by CBS Outdoor and JCDecaux. CBS Outdoor is a part of the well known CBS Corporation and is one of the largest media groups with more than $2 billion worth of revenue generated from its outdoor division alone.

Within the UK CBS Outdoor is in

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Eco friendly buses heading for Sheffield

A new fleet of eco friendly buses will soon be on the roads of Sheffield with the aim of reducing carbon dioxide emissions in the city while also reducing the costs of fuel for the city. The Sheffield Council has announced seven green minibuses soon to hit the streets, and coincidently also the largest fleet of hybrid buses to yet hit the streets of England.

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green transport schemes benefit from £226m government fund

Transport schemes that are designed to help promote and forward green initiatives have just received a £226 million boost from the Government. Local authorities will match the contribution with their own additional £194 million bringing the total value of green schemes up to an impressive £460m.

The money will be spread across 12 major transport schemes and 15 minor schemes. All of the projects have

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Save money and the environment with the Gocycle G2

Save money and the environment with the Gocycle G2

At a time when we are all trying to save money and the environment, getting on your bike and commuting to work seems a logical idea, but, nobody wants to arrive at the office hot and sticky or with oily pants. Thankfully, the perfect solution has arrived in the shape of the Gocycle G2.


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More houses mean more cars in Cardiff

There have been concerns voiced that too many houses are being constructed in Cardiff and that new home expansion needs to be better spread out throughout the region of South East Wales. Councilors in Cardiff have just approved new plans that will be the largest expansion of the city in the last five decades.

The new expansion project includes the construction of about 46,000 new

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The UK government hoping to harvest palm oil by 2015

The UK Government plans to harvest palm oil by completely environmentally friendly sources by the year 2015. This is the target for all of the palm oil used by the government’s catering and good services to come from sustainable sources according to an announcement made by the UK Environment Minister.

Other organizations are jumping in to help make sure that the Government is able to

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Make Your Car More Environmentally Friendly

You don’t have to walk for miles to go to your workplace, school or market to help save the environment. You don’t have to buy a hybrid car, either. All you need to do to make Mother Earth happy is to make your car as environmentally friendly as possible. Don’t know what to do? Here are a few tips to help you out.

TKeep your

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Buses powered by household waste set to hit the roads of Greater Manchester

A new generation of buses that are powered solely by household waste will soon take to the streets of Greater Manchester as part of a new innovative green scheme backed by Arriva UK Bus. The company has invested over two million pounds in a new eco-friendly fleet of 21 buses that are all powered off the gases that are produced at landfills.

Their introduction to

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Gerber introduce innovative pallet repair programme

A prominent fruit supplier in Europe has created a new environmentally friendly and easy way to reduce the costs of pallet repair and sorting. The Gerber Juice Company has come up with a novel way to reduce their overall transport costs by creating a pallet repair facility on site that has removed thousands of wasted trips from the UK roads and another forty or so

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Largest wind turbine in England rev’s up in Bolton

The largest wind turbine in England has been officially switched on at a train station in Bolton. Guy and Collette Harkin, the Mayor and Mayoress of Bolton, were joined by additional dignitaries to officially launch the new wind turbine at Horwich Parkway.

The turbine is the largest in terms of both the amount of power that it is able to generate and its overall scale

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