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Cable car system planned for Birmingham city centre

Plans have been submitted for a new cable car that will run within the Birmingham city centre helping passengers to get between the three railway stations that are spread out throughout the city. The architects that helped solve the London congestion with the Thames cable car have been invited to create proposals for the Birmingham scheme.

If the High Speed 2 (HS2) rail link is

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Biogas buses come to Norfolk

Passengers that are travelling between Norwich and Lowestoft are the first in the country to travel across the country in a bus that runs on biogas. The new bus service is just one out of 13 buses that will run on the biogas materials which are considered a renewable energy source since they are produced by the bio-degradation of waste.

The buses are being operated

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Hit the open road with a Lunar caravan

They have been insulted, laughed at, maligned and even blown up on TV, yet the touring caravan has never gone away and is more popular now than it has been for several decades. The freedom of the road and to go where you want, when you want, has always been the main appeal of caravanning, and as more of us are holidaying at home than

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Eco friendly buses set to hit the roads of Bath

The largest upgrade of the Bath & North Somerset Council’s Park & ride service in the past 25 years was called for today by Norman Baker, the Government Transport Minister, who took a close look at eight new state of the art low carbon emitting buses that will be run from Odd Down to Newbridge and Landsdown as part of a new council contract.


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