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Hybrids and diesels to start paying congestion charge in London

Most hybrid and diesel vehicle drivers will start paying congestion charges in an effort by authorities to reduce traffic and pollution. London transport officials are enforcing tighter rules to lessen enthusiasm for cars that permit them free access to central London. The rule specifically affects the numerous diesels that emit more soot than petrol run cars.

The petrol-electric Toyota Pries, and the diesel fuelled Smart

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Solar panels are coming to a golf cart near you

While ambulances, and even some private vehicles, have benefited from having solar panels fitted to their roofs, they aren’t the only models that can do that. The newest development in solar panels is that today, even your golf carts can run in one too.

An Ontario-based company named Unconquered Sun has begun manufacturing these golf carts, and if the solar panel trend continues the way

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Diesel and hybrid drivers to pay congestion charges

All diesel, and a majority of hybrid vehicle drivers, will be urged to pay for the congestion charges in the effort to minimise pollution and traffic. London transportation rules are being tightened in order to discourage the motorists from purchasing cars that lets them drive without paying in central London.

This new rule also aims to curb the enthusiasm for cars that run on diesel,

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Switching from 4 wheels to 2

Many motorcycle riders always speak of their feelings regarding switching from four wheels to two, and from the point of many environmentalists, there is much to be said about that change being made.

With the conflict of emissions, that is where they find themselves stumped and asking why, because even though scooters and motorcycles receive more miles per gallon than a regular vehicle, they have

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Stagecoach order gives UK manufacturing a much needed boost

The manufacturing industry of the UK got a huge boost after Perth-based public transportation company Stagecoach has received an order of worth £75 million.

The public transport giant has confirmed a key investment for both its Continental European and British fleets along with an initial order of about 430 new vehicles.

Most of the new coaches and buses will be manufactured in the UK, while

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British firm discover innovative way of producing petrol

A leading British firm has invented a new technology of producing petrol from air which could be used to save the ongoing energy crisis. This technology is backed up by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers as a likely game changing process in the continuing struggle against climate change.

Air Fuel Synthesis, the Stockton-on-Tees-based company has claimed that they have invented a way of making petrol

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British haulage firm goes green

BC Transport, the haulage firm, has upgraded its entire vehicle fleet by adding in green alternatives that will help to improve the fuel efficiency of its fleets. The Bollington, Cheshire based hauling company purchased four Renault tractor units that each have a green Euro 5 engine installed in them.

The new vehicles will be used to deliver packages across the country and they will be

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Cyclists are offered bike servicing in Southend as part of green initiative

A new scheme supported by both c2c and Southend Council aims to help commuters learn to travel in a more environmentally friendly way. As part of the project, the Comfy Saddle will be opened on December 14th at the Southend Central railway station. The c2c company hopes to use the new scheme to help make it easier to find a bus route instead of taking

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Cycle miles reward scheme is proving to be a huge success

The UK’s primary provider of tax-free bicycles for work, Cyclescheme, launched BikeMiles, the first ever national rewards cyclists network in the UK in November 2012. In its first month from the scheme launching, more than 25,000 miles were logged and some 300,000 potential participants were informed about the scheme .

With a similarity to air miles, the BikeMiles scheme enables cycling enthusiasts to turn their

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£2m meant for green transport schemes in Scotland is languishing in the bank

Over £2m worth of taxpayers’ cash that was given to Scotland’s councils to be spent on SNP green transport schemes is currently sitting around in bank accounts not being used. In order to encourage local authorities to use electrical vehicles for council services the Scottish Government gave authorities close to £8m.

Despite this fact, over two million pounds have not yet been spent, based on

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