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Mission cycles enter the electric market


Mission cycles enter the electric market

In a new joint venture between WAW Associates and Mission Cycles, trikes that carry the frames by leading brands Solo and Trilogy will be evolving into electric tricycles; the E-Solo and the E-Trilogy.

Following a series of lengthy negotiations where significant developments took place, the trikes will have Mission Cycle frames, which utilise the electronics that WAW

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Study reveals older drivers are more likely to go green

A new study conducted by Aberdeen University found that older drivers are the most likely to think about buying a hybrid or electric car. In fact, while younger adults are usually seen as the first to adapt technology, it seems that motorists that are close to retirement are the most likely to invest in greener wheels.

According to the study results, older age drivers are

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Government pours more money into the electric car programme

Despite the fact that sales of electric cars were much lower than anticipated, the Government has invested an additional £37m into electric cars. Last year only a total of 2,300 cars were sold despite the electric car scheme, but that is not deterring the government from once again campaigning for green transport.

Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin announced this week that a new subsidy would be

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Panasonic breakthrough set to help drivers save even more fuel

The systems of start-stop are becoming more and more established in the vehicles that are being driven on our roads, helping with the reduction of our consumption of fuel by switching off the engine whenever the vehicle is not in motion. Although, now thanks to the breakthrough from Panasonic, the contribution to the economy of fuel may be able to double.

The company has created

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Scotland’s latest bid for independence centres around reductions in CO2 emissions

Scotland has some impressive ideas for being able to reduce CO2 emissions and for the increase in individuals using renewable resources. But is this enough for Scotland to be able to achieve its independence from the UK?

Not too long after Scotland spoke of a possible movement to being independent, with a transition planned for the year of 2014, the country announced its hidden plans

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