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Concerns over ferries with new environmental regulations

The shipping industry is concerned that new environmental regulations will threaten ferry businesses and many jobs at the same time. The price of crossing the sea is going to rise rapidly unless something is done about the new governmental regulations that will force many businesses into redundancy unless ferry operators are somehow made exempt from the regulations.

According to the UK Chamber of Shipping, the

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New green fuel is not as great as it would first seem

A new green petrol is set to be introduced by some of the oil giants which could increase the cost of driving along with making older cars less efficient, or not work at all. Now, Britain’s transport minister asked the executives of those companies to delay the introduction of these new measures.

The group of oil companies revealed recently the plan which points to the

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Groups allowed input into new bridge and viaduct designs

Community and environmental groups could be offered input in the design of bridges and viaducts along the side of the high speed rail network. The initiative will be discussed at green summit that rail minister Simon Burns is due to host. It will bring many conservation groups and officials together at Whitehall to talk over the £33.1 billion scheme.

The Government continues to hail the

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Public liability cover for community groups

Community groups come in all shapes and sizes, from playgroups to slimming clubs to fitness classes. These groups tend to take place indoors in premises either owned by those who run them or by the local authority from who the organisers rent. Imagine if you are attending one of these classes and you have an accident that is the fault of those organising it and

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Young drivers not getting on board the electric car trend

It is no surprise that younger people are typically the first ones to buy into new gadgets and technologies. But when it comes to electric or hybrid vehicles, a new study shows that older drivers may be quicker than young ones to get on board.

This study was conducted by Aberdeen University and show that early adopters are motorists who are approaching retirement. This is

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Cycling fast becoming a main way of commuting

More and more people have been known to switch to using bikes as their mode of transportation for going to and coming from work. Studies show that there have been about 760,000 individuals in England and Wales alone who have chosen cycling as their means of commuting.

Over the past 10 years, an anlaysis from the census figures from Halfords have shown that a great

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