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Biomethane fuel testing comes to an end

The UK Centre for Excellence when it comes to low carbon vehicle technologies, Cenex, announced that their year long Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) trial has come to an end, producing a fleet vehicle that used biomethane for fuel.

The point of the trial was to see if biomethane use would help reduce the amount of CO2 emissions released into the air while also helping to lower fuel costs. The trial proved to be successful leading CCE to invest in 14 of the new Iveco Stralis vehicles and a biomethane gas station that will open as of June 2012 at the Enfield depot.

CCE first contracted with Cenex out of an effort to help reduce the amount of CO2 emissions that were leaked into the atmosphere from their fleet and asked Cenex to compare the emissions, economics, operability, fuel consumption, and economics of a regular 26 tonne Iveco Stralis gas vehicle next to the diesel version of the vehicle.

The gas vehicle was found to offer a 5% savings in emissions but this was only when a temporary filling station was used. The more permanent station that will be installed at the Enfield depot will increase GHG savings up to as high as 61%. In addition, the gas vehicles that run off of biomethane fuel will also reduce the costs of fuel by about 13%.

Both the diesel and biomethane gas vehicles were comparable at the start of the trial as they were both new registrations and were considered to meet the Enhanced Environmentally friendly emission standards.

The trials were operated by using a temporary gas vehicle point at the Enfield depot in the UK. The activity date for the vehicles was logged from the Enfield dept via an emissions testing facility that was able to determine fuel consumption, CO2 emissions, and overall air quality performances.

Many businesses are now looking towards biomethane as an alternative fuel source as there continues to be an increased effort in corporate sustainability within the UK business world with the Government offering several incentives for businesses that take positive steps towards going green.


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