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Boris wants London to be world electric car capital

Imagine this, living in a London where instead of having to fire up your noisy petrol or diesel saloon and blasting horrible fumes into the air every time you went to the shops or to work, you car just glides away elegantly, silently and without fumes.

This may sound like a perfect fantasy, but if the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson gets his way, it may not be such a dream. He wants to make London the electric car capital of Europe, and the news is that these plans are well under way and are looking likely to reach fruition sooner rather than later.

10 years ago, there were only 9,000 pure electric and electric hybrid cards registered in the UK, today however there are over 72,000 in use, according to data supplied by the DVLA. Now experts have predicted that that the number of registered Electric vehicles could reach 85,000 by 2015, and 600,000 by 2020. The best news of all is that the capital is at the forefront of this revolution, with 17,000 vehicles currently registered in London.

Mr. Johnson certainly paints a compelling of how he sees the new greener transport network in London, and he embellished on this further when he officially switched on the new electric vehicle scheme in May. Known as Source London, this is the first citywide electrical charge point network in the capital, and makes it a great deal simpler for the drivers of electric vehicles to get charged up while they are out and about.

The Mayor has promised that there will be at least 1300 charge points in place by 2013, which will far outstrip the number of petrol stations. He pledged to rapidly accelerate the amount of electric vehicles that were used in the city, and that he fully intended to make London the main centre of electric driving in the whole of Europe.


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