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Bridgestone’s Eco-Rally for environmentally friendly automobiles

Bridgestone Tyres recently announced that they will once again host Bridgestone’s Eco-Rally for environmentally friendly automobiles.  In order to highlight their support for low emission vehicles, Bridgestone Tyres plans to feature vehicles that will be qualified for the government’s new plug-in car grant.

Bridgestone is allying themselves with the revolutionary automobile concepts of the future and will feature vehicles like BMW’s Hydrogen 7 limos, concept cars from Nissan, Ford, GM, and mainstream hybrids for people to see at the rally.

Bridgestone is interested in a public display of how fun and exciting low emissions vehicles can be and has chosen the rally as a showcase for design and function.  This will be the third year for the Bridgestone Tyres rally and it has garnished support from the fields of entertainment, politics, and innovation since the Prince of Wales inaugurated the first one back in 2007.

Innovation in eco-friendly automobiles is what the rally is all about, so it will feature current production low emission vehicles and the concept vehicles for the future.  Bridgestone Tyres believes in the movement to eco-friendly automotive design and plans to be part of it now and in the years to come.

Representatives say that the Eco-Rally is Bridgestone’s way of announcing to the world its support for green initiatives and a change in the perception of the transport industry.

They promise that the upcoming rally will feature some familiar names and faces from the racing world of Formula One.  With its ties to international racing, Bridgestone recognizes its unique position to couple the world of green innovation with the sport of racing.  Perhaps no one could bring the two together more effectively than this particular tyre manufacturer.

You can rest assured that there will be plenty of hype and loads of excitement at the Bridgestone Eco-rally.  It is an event that can be thoroughly appreciated by car buffs and environmentalists alike.

There is no compromise between the world of the automobile enthusiast and the world of the environmental enthusiast at this rally.  Bridgestone wants people to learn that the two interests do not have to be mutually exclusive.  Auto enthusiasts can be environmental enthusiasts and environmental enthusiasts can be auto enthusiasts without conflict


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