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Bridgestone Eco-Rally returns for its fifth year

Watch out super cars and gas guzzlers, this weekend is just for eco-friendly vehicles. From cars to motorbikes and taxis to trucks, the London streets will be overflowing with green mobiles on Sunday as the Bridgestone Eco-Rally returns for its fifth year.

Starting in Oxford Street, the cavalcade of the most fuel efficient and advanced vehicles in the world will drive up The Mall, with a pit stop in the BRE Innovation Centre in Watford, marking the largest exhibition of sustainable transport in the UK.

Organisers Revolve, the group committed to zero emission transport, claim that because of the constant rise in fuel prices that are hitting motorists, this years event is that much more pertinent.

On display this Sunday will be the Nissan Leaf, which can take you 100 miles for only £2. Other electric cars such as the Telsa roadster and the iMiEv from Mitsubishi cost just £1.50 to go those same 100 miles.

In 2010 Revolve research showed that over 25% of the people in the UK said they would not buy a vehicle that was eco-friendly. Of those 25% a further 42% said they thought it would be a hassle to try and charge an electric vehicle, or fill up one that was hydrogen powered.

Each year technology moves forward, and what is offered to consumers becomes more and more efficient. The event this year will be different, because it will have even more vehicles that are ground breaking, including those that travel on two, three and four and, believe it or not, six wheels. There is also a fresh route which has, as a backdrop, many iconic land marks, which also gives a new and different twist.


Auto manufacturers that are sure to be in attendance are Volvo, Mitsubishi, Lotus, Aston Martin, Telsa, Nissan, Ford, Honda and Delta, along with a number of celebrity drivers that will not be revealed until the show. Bridgestone has promised that the 2011 event will be bigger, better and loaded with all the eco friendly vehicles you can imagine.

What most people are unaware of is that in the UK you can purchase some of the most eco-friendly and economical vehicles anywhere in the world. The word needs to get out there, and that is the whole aim of this show, and what makes it unique in the car world.


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