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British firm discover innovative way of producing petrol

A leading British firm has invented a new technology of producing petrol from air which could be used to save the ongoing energy crisis. This technology is backed up by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers as a likely game changing process in the continuing struggle against climate change.

Air Fuel Synthesis, the Stockton-on-Tees-based company has claimed that they have invented a way of making petrol from water and carbon dioxide. The company is hoping to build a large scale plant which will be able to produce more fuel daily.

The revolutionary breakthrough could terminate our eternal dependence on rapidly decreasing fossil fuels. The company has claimed that using the test refinery, they have been able to produce at least five litres of Petrol since August.

The company has set the world aback by declaring that they have succeeded in producing petrol as a result of the reaction of water and carbon dioxide. As the company is still in the development phase of their new technology and still receives electricity from conventional sources, it hopes that it will succeed in its endeavour to run the reaction process by using the power yielded from renewable sources only.

The company is hoping that they could build a larger model of their refinery which can produce at least a ton of petrol every day. They are also planning of inventing a technology to produce eco-friendly aviation fuel to make the airlines more sustainable and less hazardous for the environment.

The technology works by combining sodium hydroxide with air and then the yielded sodium carbonate is electrolysed in order to release pure CO2. Hydrogen is electrolysed from water and then reacted with the CO2 in order to prepare a hydrocarbon mixture. The reaction condition varies according to the desired type of fuel. The resultant fuel can be used for any fuel-related purpose.



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