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Business car usage greener than private cars

Many people place the blame for depleting the world’s fossil fuel resources on business drivers. Some say that those with company cars are most likely to use more petrol However; the usage of company cars has decreased by over eight percent between 2007 and 2009. Meanwhile, private car mileage has only decreased by around four percent in that same period of time.

Average mileage for business users has also gone down from about 19,900 miles to closer to 18,400, while private cars have dropped from only 8,300 miles to about 8000. Those who criticize business drivers might say that this is still no excuse for using more miles.

However, it is often forgotten that company cars are mostly new and are replaced after several years. In addition, there are always incentives from the government to choose the most frugal and green variety of business cars.

New statistics show that new cars in the UK emit 5.6% less carbon dioxide than cars just a year ago. This statistic includes all cars sold, which could be good for business users who are concerned with their mileage.

There are also many tax benefits for choosing an efficient car, so most business car drivers are driving green vehicles.  The government has made a target of having cars with less than 130g/km by 2012. With business cars almost reaching that point, we are not far away from having efficient business and personal vehicles.

Hybrid cars are also an option, with current models offering emissions as low as 99g/km. But as long as your business car is frugal and green, even if it is not yet a hybrid, you can be sure that its effects on the environment are not as bad as many people might say.


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