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Cardiff set to have the first suburb in the UK that is car free

It is possible that the first car free suburb in the UK is going to be in Cardiff, after plans have recently been considered by the city’s transport and planning chiefs. Ralph Cook is in charge of transport in the area, and he has recently stated that he is looking at plans that are taking off in Europe in order to develop a residential area that has as few cars as possible.

The councillor is a member of the Labour Party and he has recently instructed planning chiefs for the council to look into how it would be possible to create a car free zone in some parts of the city. There are already initiatives that have launched in European countries such as Germany, Scandinavia, and Holland, which have seen similar car free areas launched.

The councillor has stated that he sees this as an opportunity for people to embrace a new way of living, and he envisages up to 45,000 homes being proposed as part of a development plan, and he sees that some of these could provide an opportunity for a change to a car free lifestyle for some of the people who live here.

This is a move that has been welcomed by many transport experts, but they’ve also stated that making an area car free could be something that puts of developers. The developers might not want to build homes in an area where cars might not be allowed, as this could potentially damage the value of the property, and reduce their profits.

The plan is going to be put in front of the whole council next month, and talks are going to start with landowners and developers. It is not known yet whether the plan is going to be approved, but it is largely expected that the meeting next month is going to be a significant step towards it.


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