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Saving money on your home energy bills


If you are looking for simple ways to reduce your energy bills then you will be glad to hear that E.ON, one of the country’s leading energy providers, is taking steps to help you.

Whilst recognising that everyone uses energy differently and has different needs and requirements based on their own lifestyle, E.ON acknowledges that everyone would like to have cheaper electricity and

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New bike hire locations in Nottingham set to be a big success

A new project in Nottingham is no doubt going to become very popular as it involves the setting up of new locations for bike hire. The fact that the project is environment friendly has also meant that the local authorities are likely to be considered when the Environment Awards are announced in the Nottingham Post.

Jane Urquhart, a local Councillor and the holder of the

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New funding creates hundred of new electric car charging points

New funding creates hundred of new electric car charging points

Streets, stations and hospitals right across the UK will soon be seeing a whole wave of new charge points for electric cars thanks to funding from the government.

It was announced back in February that the government would be providing a further £37 million in order to offset the costs of installing a full

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Funding for community cycling projects with UK’s first flexible payment club for cyclists

A new club that offers savings on the cost of buying bikes and accessories, and also offers financial kickbacks for community cycling projects has been launched by the people behind UK’s first bike leasing company.

Bike SWANKY (, is the name of the club, which encourages cyclists to sign up and save while building a cycling legacy for all. 20% of the interest earned on

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£12m set aside for green buses

The Department of Transport announced this week that they have set aside £12m in funds to help make sure that Britain’s roads are soon travelled almost exclusively by low carbon buses. The money will be used to purchase 213 new low carbon buses to help reduce the carbon footprint of the public transportation system.

The new measure is considered to be the fourth round of

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What next in the renewable energy market?

It used to be that gas was seen as an eternal source of power. Then, people realised how the Saudi oil resources were not infinite, and would soon run out. This in part led to the environmental movement, looking for green, renewable alternatives. But since then, other sources have emerged. From the Canadian tar sands to the oil shale in North Dakota, more gas and

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Eco-friendly play things to get kids off their gadgets

These days, where it seems like computer technology is overtaking humans, it’s nice to be able to step back and embrace the simple joys of life. Even children nowadays expect to have their own gadgets to play with, but is it even necessary for children to already own a mobile phone or a mini computer in order for them to enjoy themselves? There are many

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Groups allowed input into new bridge and viaduct designs

Community and environmental groups could be offered input in the design of bridges and viaducts along the side of the high speed rail network. The initiative will be discussed at green summit that rail minister Simon Burns is due to host. It will bring many conservation groups and officials together at Whitehall to talk over the £33.1 billion scheme.

The Government continues to hail the

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Public liability cover for community groups

Community groups come in all shapes and sizes, from playgroups to slimming clubs to fitness classes. These groups tend to take place indoors in premises either owned by those who run them or by the local authority from who the organisers rent. Imagine if you are attending one of these classes and you have an accident that is the fault of those organising it and

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