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Groups allowed input into new bridge and viaduct designs

Community and environmental groups could be offered input in the design of bridges and viaducts along the side of the high speed rail network. The initiative will be discussed at green summit that rail minister Simon Burns is due to host. It will bring many conservation groups and officials together at Whitehall to talk over the £33.1 billion scheme.

The Government continues to hail the

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Government pours more money into the electric car programme

Despite the fact that sales of electric cars were much lower than anticipated, the Government has invested an additional £37m into electric cars. Last year only a total of 2,300 cars were sold despite the electric car scheme, but that is not deterring the government from once again campaigning for green transport.

Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin announced this week that a new subsidy would be

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Scotland’s latest bid for independence centres around reductions in CO2 emissions

Scotland has some impressive ideas for being able to reduce CO2 emissions and for the increase in individuals using renewable resources. But is this enough for Scotland to be able to achieve its independence from the UK?

Not too long after Scotland spoke of a possible movement to being independent, with a transition planned for the year of 2014, the country announced its hidden plans

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Cyclists are offered bike servicing in Southend as part of green initiative

A new scheme supported by both c2c and Southend Council aims to help commuters learn to travel in a more environmentally friendly way. As part of the project, the Comfy Saddle will be opened on December 14th at the Southend Central railway station. The c2c company hopes to use the new scheme to help make it easier to find a bus route instead of taking

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£2m meant for green transport schemes in Scotland is languishing in the bank

Over £2m worth of taxpayers’ cash that was given to Scotland’s councils to be spent on SNP green transport schemes is currently sitting around in bank accounts not being used. In order to encourage local authorities to use electrical vehicles for council services the Scottish Government gave authorities close to £8m.

Despite this fact, over two million pounds have not yet been spent, based on

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Eco friendly buses heading for Sheffield

A new fleet of eco friendly buses will soon be on the roads of Sheffield with the aim of reducing carbon dioxide emissions in the city while also reducing the costs of fuel for the city. The Sheffield Council has announced seven green minibuses soon to hit the streets, and coincidently also the largest fleet of hybrid buses to yet hit the streets of England.

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More houses mean more cars in Cardiff

There have been concerns voiced that too many houses are being constructed in Cardiff and that new home expansion needs to be better spread out throughout the region of South East Wales. Councilors in Cardiff have just approved new plans that will be the largest expansion of the city in the last five decades.

The new expansion project includes the construction of about 46,000 new

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Debate still raging over third runway at Heathrow

The transport secretary has recently stated that the government are not going to consider a cross-party consensus over the issue of a third runway being constructed at Heathrow. There has been a great deal of pressure on the government about whether an expansion of this airport is going to take place, and particular focus has been put on the Prime Minister David Cameron, over whether

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Turkey gets ready to join the Eurail Global & Eurail Select Pass

Westbahn to Join Eurail Group GIE; SNCF to pull out of the Eurail Select Pass

Eurail Group G.I.E. are the organisation who are responsible for marketing the Eurail Pass and they have recently announced that there are going to be some changes to the product, which are going to take place at the start of 2013. First of all, Turkey are going to become

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New fund from Scottish government to encourage the use of electric buses

The Scottish government has announced that it is provide an extra £2.5m in order to encourage local bus companies to buy vehicles that are eco-friendly. Keith Brown, the transport minister, made the announcement during a debate in Parliament. The money makes up part of the Scottish Green Bus Fund, which already has helped bus companies to buy over 70 low carbon buses.

Bus companies are

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