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Road repair budget cut in Edinburgh due to cycling projects

Edinburgh’s road repair budget is facing cuts that come up to one million pounds so that the city can continue to invest money into cycling projects instead. As a result of the cuts, about 21,000 less potholes will be repaired over the course of 2014 with the money instead going towards additional bike storage facilities and many more miles of cycle trails. The city has

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Pennine Reach bus service sees a huge improvement due to £40m green grant

East Lancashire will soon benefit from a new green transport project that has received £40m to kick off new improvements for the Pennine Reach bus network. The funding will be used to upgrade the bus line and create new bus stations to increase the efficiency of the bus network at Accrington and Blackburn. The entire East Lancashire is expected to benefit from the upgrade that

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The Benefits of Electric Cars

We’re all being told that electric cars are the future of motoring, but on the evidence of what we’ve seen at exhibitions and on the market already, we’re a long way off being sold on their ability to replace the models we know and love.

Until the day finally arrives where the various concepts are up to the standard required to replace our current gas-guzzling

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New funding creates hundred of new electric car charging points

New funding creates hundred of new electric car charging points

Streets, stations and hospitals right across the UK will soon be seeing a whole wave of new charge points for electric cars thanks to funding from the government.

It was announced back in February that the government would be providing a further £37 million in order to offset the costs of installing a full

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New green project unveiled

The Low Carbon London EV lease project is actually a new project under the management of UK Power Networks. A total of 25 people were involved with the lease scheme and all of them already received their new LEAFs at the Nissan headquarters in Hertfordshire, UK. The said project decided to extend its trial period and this has made the handover very much possible. The

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£12m set aside for green buses

The Department of Transport announced this week that they have set aside £12m in funds to help make sure that Britain’s roads are soon travelled almost exclusively by low carbon buses. The money will be used to purchase 213 new low carbon buses to help reduce the carbon footprint of the public transportation system.

The new measure is considered to be the fourth round of

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Rushmere retail park invests in charging points for electric and hybrid vehicles

The shopping centre and retail park Rushmere is investing in brand new charging points for its clientele that drive hybrid and electric vehicles. The park understands the increased up-take of this green technology is due to the much lower charges for upkeep and maintenance, thus the increased demand.

These charging stations for electric cars can be identifiable through bright-coloured marking in white as well as

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Groups allowed input into new bridge and viaduct designs

Community and environmental groups could be offered input in the design of bridges and viaducts along the side of the high speed rail network. The initiative will be discussed at green summit that rail minister Simon Burns is due to host. It will bring many conservation groups and officials together at Whitehall to talk over the £33.1 billion scheme.

The Government continues to hail the

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Young drivers not getting on board the electric car trend

It is no surprise that younger people are typically the first ones to buy into new gadgets and technologies. But when it comes to electric or hybrid vehicles, a new study shows that older drivers may be quicker than young ones to get on board.

This study was conducted by Aberdeen University and show that early adopters are motorists who are approaching retirement. This is

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Cycling fast becoming a main way of commuting

More and more people have been known to switch to using bikes as their mode of transportation for going to and coming from work. Studies show that there have been about 760,000 individuals in England and Wales alone who have chosen cycling as their means of commuting.

Over the past 10 years, an anlaysis from the census figures from Halfords have shown that a great

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