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Folding electric car developed in Korea

Do you often find yourself caught in the city traffic jam, unable to take your car out to reach your destination through an alternate route? You have no option but to inhale all those poisonous exhaust fumes emanating from all the cars caught in the jam.

A team of scientists has come up with a brilliant idea to face the problem of traffic jam in

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What next in the renewable energy market?

It used to be that gas was seen as an eternal source of power. Then, people realised how the Saudi oil resources were not infinite, and would soon run out. This in part led to the environmental movement, looking for green, renewable alternatives. But since then, other sources have emerged. From the Canadian tar sands to the oil shale in North Dakota, more gas and

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Mission cycles enter the electric market


Mission cycles enter the electric market

In a new joint venture between WAW Associates and Mission Cycles, trikes that carry the frames by leading brands Solo and Trilogy will be evolving into electric tricycles; the E-Solo and the E-Trilogy.

Following a series of lengthy negotiations where significant developments took place, the trikes will have Mission Cycle frames, which utilise the electronics that WAW

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Study reveals older drivers are more likely to go green

A new study conducted by Aberdeen University found that older drivers are the most likely to think about buying a hybrid or electric car. In fact, while younger adults are usually seen as the first to adapt technology, it seems that motorists that are close to retirement are the most likely to invest in greener wheels.

According to the study results, older age drivers are

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Scotland’s latest bid for independence centres around reductions in CO2 emissions

Scotland has some impressive ideas for being able to reduce CO2 emissions and for the increase in individuals using renewable resources. But is this enough for Scotland to be able to achieve its independence from the UK?

Not too long after Scotland spoke of a possible movement to being independent, with a transition planned for the year of 2014, the country announced its hidden plans

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Switching from 4 wheels to 2

Many motorcycle riders always speak of their feelings regarding switching from four wheels to two, and from the point of many environmentalists, there is much to be said about that change being made.

With the conflict of emissions, that is where they find themselves stumped and asking why, because even though scooters and motorcycles receive more miles per gallon than a regular vehicle, they have

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Stagecoach order gives UK manufacturing a much needed boost

The manufacturing industry of the UK got a huge boost after Perth-based public transportation company Stagecoach has received an order of worth £75 million.

The public transport giant has confirmed a key investment for both its Continental European and British fleets along with an initial order of about 430 new vehicles.

Most of the new coaches and buses will be manufactured in the UK, while

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British firm discover innovative way of producing petrol

A leading British firm has invented a new technology of producing petrol from air which could be used to save the ongoing energy crisis. This technology is backed up by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers as a likely game changing process in the continuing struggle against climate change.

Air Fuel Synthesis, the Stockton-on-Tees-based company has claimed that they have invented a way of making petrol

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Eco friendly print products get the thumbs up from leading firms

The TierraFilm Backlit range of new eco-friendly print products created by Ceres Media have been both approved and tested fully by CBS Outdoor and JCDecaux. CBS Outdoor is a part of the well known CBS Corporation and is one of the largest media groups with more than $2 billion worth of revenue generated from its outdoor division alone.

Within the UK CBS Outdoor is in

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The UK government hoping to harvest palm oil by 2015

The UK Government plans to harvest palm oil by completely environmentally friendly sources by the year 2015. This is the target for all of the palm oil used by the government’s catering and good services to come from sustainable sources according to an announcement made by the UK Environment Minister.

Other organizations are jumping in to help make sure that the Government is able to

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