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Hit the open road with a Lunar caravan

They have been insulted, laughed at, maligned and even blown up on TV, yet the touring caravan has never gone away and is more popular now than it has been for several decades. The freedom of the road and to go where you want, when you want, has always been the main appeal of caravanning, and as more of us are holidaying at home than

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Water calculators and saving water

As the years go by, people become more and more environmentally conscious, but something that people fail to realise is that saving water is a very environmentally responsible action. Water is unquestionably the most valuable resource that people have, as it is essential for almost all life on Earth.

In the West, we’re known for taking water for granted, and we just expect it to

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App developers invited to integrate programmes into

App developers invited to integrate programmes into

Application developers are now going to be able to start developing integrated programmes for the social network popular with cyclists, This is a strategic decision by the company and since its launch cyclists have logged over 150,000 miles.

They’ve also shared over 1000 cycling routes on the website and this has shown that there is

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You’ve found out how to cut your energy bills in the home, and put out the recycling, so now it’s time for an environmental blog of a different kind. Welcome to Waytogo, the green transport news blog. Find out how you or your business can reduce your carbon footprint, what eco-friendly travel is all about, and national projects such as ‘Ride Your Bike To Work

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Electric and hybrid vehicles will help save the planet

Despite the constant publicity there are still many who don’t quite get the benefits that electric and hybrid vehicles can bring to the environment. The plain fact is that greener motoring is not just a flash in the pan that will just go away, it is essential to the survival of our environment as we know it. CO2 emissions are reaching a record high and

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Will space tourism boost global warming?

One of the biggest causes of global warming could be rocket launches into outer space, says a recent report. With commercial space flight may come the reality of commercial space pollution says “Geophysical Research Letters”, a trade publication that has recently printed a report that that says 1000 space launches per year would deposit enough rocket soot into the stratosphere to change global atmospheric conditions.

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Green Investment Bank suffers in spending review

Chancellor George Osborne outlined the Spending Review this week, stating that he was confident the Coalition government would be able to save Britain from its current status on the edge of bankruptcy.

Osborne announced that included in the review were cuts to transport, defence, and benefits in an effort to reduce the Budget deficit by the year 2015.

One of the cuts involves the Green

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Bikes use London bus lanes to save fuel

The Transport of London trial that allowed motorcyclists to use the bus lanes has now ended, but the practice will remain in place. The test showed that allowing the motorbikes access to the bus lanes greatly reduced commuter travel and congestion without adverse affect to the bus lines.

One detriment is that there seems to have been an increase in motorcycle accidents in relation to

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