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Cheaper new hydrogen fuel may replace petrol

Cella Energy, backed by the UK taxpayer and Rutherford Appleton Laboratory of Oxford University, is the company with some ambitious claims saying that a cheaper new hydrogen fuel can replace petrol with the next three years.

As inexpensive as 90p per litre is what researchers are claiming could be the prices of the new green energy which is quite a bit less than the current price of 130p per litre, after tax.  Since 2003 there have been hydrogen fuel promoters so there are going to be sceptics as to whether or not is will happen.

Handling hydrogen in the open air is a dangerous problem with previous special lorries and buses needing high pressured tanks or cooling to -253C but Cella’s says their artificial petrol, newly invented, with a few cheap modifications to cars, can be put straight into the tanks.

The hydrogen is stored in tiny microbeads by the new technology therefore being able to be poured like conventional petrol. Cella’s chief executive, Stephen Voller, says they have made a major breakthrough, even though there have been lots of hype before. By 2013 the company wants to be selling the fuel to mix with petrol with a gradual expanding.

With three times more energy than regular petrol, hydrogen per unit of weight is the perfect fuel, says the leading scientist on the project, Prof. Stephen Bennington adding when it burns it only produces water.

Because hydrogen does not occur naturally and previously was generated by using renewable energy or gas sceptics say that is one of the problems with hydrogen which has lead to questions as to it being environmentally friendly or not. Made from hydrides which are abundant and accessible makes the hydrogen Cella produces different from before and Royal Dutch Shell has shown interest and seen potential in Cella’s work.


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