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Chip-fat-fuelled cars heading to London streets with greentomatocars

In keeping with their green identity Greentomatocars are expanding their fleet with more biodiesel fuelled vehicles. They are already the greenest private hire service in London, and offer executive and MPV options that are fuelled by chip fat. They have expanded their fleet in response to customer demand and have added 14 new 8 passenger biodiesel fuelled MPV’s as well as 6 new executive vehicles.

These latest additions will swell their fleet to 214 as they already have 200 Toyota Prius and will allow greentomatocars to provide their customers with an even better service, without any compromise to their impressive green credentials.

After listening to their clients requests for bigger vehicles to transport large groups of people, as well as those who requested that their journey’s comprised of a more executive experience, greentomatocars have been piloting the roomy Citroen Combi Despatch and the luxurious Citroen C6 and are delighted with the positive feedback over the past few  months.
Head of Innovation at greentomatocars, Hamish Phillips, comments “Since we launched five-and-a-half years ago, our fleet has been exclusively comprised of the hybrid Toyota Prius, an unquestionably green choice for people travelling from A to B in London. Recent feedback from customers has shown that they needed other options but still wanted to make a consciously green decision when choosing their private hire provider. With this in mind, rather than simply bolting on a non-green solution, we wanted to maintain our green identity and biodiesel-fuelled vehicles fit this requirement perfectly.”

The non-hybrid fleet is fuelled by biodiesel refined from locally-sourced waste vegetable oil – oil that has already been used in the cooking process – meaning that emissions are greatly reduced in comparison to vehicles using petrol or diesel: international research has shown that life cycle CO2 emissions are reduced by 60%-90% when using 100% biodiesel from waste vegetable oil. To begin with, the biodiesel fleet will run on a 30% biodiesel blend (due to limitations with manufacturer warranties) which equates to a reduction in CO2 emissions of at least 20%. greentomatocars has further big plans for 2012 and is in discussions with a number of large clients in London to develop truly sustainable transport partnerships whereby the private hire company will use its clients’ waste vegetable oil to power cars for their own staff.

Hamish comments, “We, and our clients, find the idea of closed-loop recycling incredibly exciting – giving businesses the option of reducing their emissions by using their own waste vegetable oil to fuel cars for their own staff is a perfect way of enhancing their existing CSR plans whilst keeping their transport decisions consciously green.”

With over 200 environmentally-friendly vehicles now on London’s roads, greentomatocars has firmly positioned itself as the greenest option for the Capital’s taxi and minicab-users and remains the most innovative private hire service in town. For further information or to book your car, visit or download the free iPhone App from the iTunes App Store.



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