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David Cameron unveils new environmental investment programme

David Cameron has recently introduced a new plan which he expects will have serious implications for the environment in the UK. He has said that he is going to introduce an investment programme which is going to be targeted towards the country’s energy, rail and road networks.

Mr Cameron recently gave a speech at the Institution of Civil Engineers and in this speech he said that there was an immediate need for a great deal of repair to the infrastructure in the UK. He said that he would be introducing an infrastructure plan which is going to be comprehensive and not piecemeal, like many of the plans of the past.

In the plan he promises that there is going to be a great simplification of the current bureaucratic process that has been developed over the last six decades. He accuses the system of being one of the main reasons why transport isn’t greener in the UK.

Mr Cameron said that he feels he has a duty to create a transport system which is going to attract investors such as sovereign wealth funds, and pension funds. It is estimated that around £2 billion of investment will come from pension funds in the UK over the next year, however, Mr Cameron said that this amount is not going to be enough to cover the amount of investment that is going to be needed in years to come.

Mr Cameron stated that it is essential that the country also find sources of energy that reduce the amount of carbon dioxide being produced, but also are affordable and reliable. He further went on to say that the government are completely committed to moving away from coal power plants to cleaner energy solutions, such as nuclear and gas, as well as renewable energy sources.

The prime minister has also recently stated that the government might start introducing tolls on the roads after a recent feasibility study has been completed by the Department for Transport. He also spoke about the need for increasing the airport capacity in the south of the country, an issue that has become very controversial.


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