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E-bike cycling revolution comes to London

What: Launch of the most exciting electric bike shop in central London Justebikes  

Where: 318 Portobello Road. W10 5RU. Tel: 0208 960 98 48. Tube: Ladbroke Grove. 

When: Tuesday 9th of October 5pm to 7pm.

Who: Eden Project founder and CEO Sir Tim Smit will be cutting the ribbon, + VIPs + politicians

 Sir Tim Smit, the founder of the world famous Eden Project, will be officially opening the newest electric bike store in London on the 9th October. The store is on the Portobello Road and is the first branch in the capital of Justebikes, a company based in Sussex who have been both selling and servicing top quality, electric assisted bikes since 2005 in the UK.

 Justebikes are a speciality company that sell top quality, e-bikes that have been made in Europe. The founder of Justebikes is James Fitzgerald, and he says that right across Europe, people are now embracing e-bikes as a viable alternative to cars for those short journeys. He added that despite it being the fastest growing mode of transport, the UK are lagging behind as we continue to use a car for even the shortest of trips.

 Last year global sales of e-bikes were 31 million units (to put this in perspective worldwide sales of cars last year was around 60 million), yet in the UK they don’t seem to have caught on yet. We believe our London store could be the catalyst to a wholesale change in the way Londoners choose to travel.

 Manual cyclists are doing a great job, but there are very of few of them – only about 3% of the UK population cycle regularly, e-bikes are for the other 97%. People who wouldn’t dream of riding a manual bike find the freedom and ease of travel an e-bike offers very attractive.

 Electrically assisted cycling gives the benefit of exercise without getting hot and sweaty on the way to work. The added acceleration you get from pressing down on the pedals means e-bike riders can move away from traffic lights and amongst moving traffic much more quickly than on a manual bike, making them much safer for city cycling.”

 Crucially for Londoners, the e-bikes sold by Justebikes come with state-of-the art electronic security technology, making the bikes virtually theft-proof.

 Justebikes has a strong web presence after successfully trading nationally from their base in coastal Suffolk. Justebikes is delighted to be bringing its quality products to the streets of London to meet the growing demand from the capital’s residents. 

 A full range of e-bikes will be available at the new flagship London shop at 318 Portobello Road. It will be officially opened by Sir Tim Smit, a long time supporter of the work Justebikes are doing to encourage people to be proactive in reducing their carbon footprint.  James and the Justebikes team will be there to answer any questions (e.g. how can e-bikes save the UK 3.9MtCo2 and £11billion per annum). Existing Justebike customers will be there to talk about their experiences as everyday e-bike riders. 

 Telephone interviews, visits to the shop prior to the launch and photographs of the shop and products can all be arranged by calling Justebikes on 01728 830817 / 0208 960 98 48 or emailing 


The back story:

 With a background in transport engineering James’s objective is to help develop a realistic low cost, low emission transport solution built around these proven 21st century products.

  Electric bikes look similar to conventional bicycles but incorporate a rechargeable battery, an electric motor and control system, and importantly for Londoners, electronic immobilisers for extra security.

 They offer all the benefits of conventional cycling without the sweat, meaning you can commute to the office without needing to shower on arrival. You can park anywhere, you don’t need a license, and they cost almost nothing to run.

 Riding a quality e-bike makes you feel as though you have bionic powers – they are fun and fast, make light of hills and headwinds, and can take you 960 miles for the price of a first class stamp.

 There is no need to wait for infrastructure to catch up with technology, with a range of 100 miles between recharges, the e-bike is the zero-emission electric vehicle that keeps you fit, is fun to use and can be plugged in to recharge (2hrs) next to the kettle at home or in the office They are the solution we have all been looking for Cars For car journeys, e-bikes for everything else !

 Gervase Poulden writing in the Ecologist  asked: “So could electric bikes play a major part in the creation of a sustainable transport industry for the UK? Their environmental credentials are strong when compared with other forms of short-range transport such as scooters and even electric cars. When the CO2 emissions produced to generate the electricity to charge the bike are factored in, the total comes to 2.6 grams of CO2 per mile compared to 150 grams for most electric cars, and 136 grams for scooters.”

  Quality European e-bikes: 

 Whilst initially researching the market back in 2005 James soon realized that reliable high quality e-bikes offer much greater performance and value for money in the long and medium term than those that are built to a price. 

 Having failed to find what he was looking for in China he decided to visit Holland to see what the Dutch were doing. He started with Europe’s largest e-bike manufacturers,  SPARTA, and was immediately impressed with their vision, their ethos and the quality of their e-bikes, and the staff that build them.

 Since then Justebikes have carefully assembled a comprehensive collection of Europe’s finest e-bikes. After SPARTA they added other Dutch brands to their stable including KOGA – widely regarded as the Bentley of e-bikes. 

 Justebikes enjoy very strong relationships with their suppliers, sharing technical knowledge, experience, and crucially, feedback from their growing customer base. They do not sell cheap e-bikes; the bikes they supply are built to the finest quality standards and designed to last a lifetime.

James says; 

“Cars are great but they should be used for car journeys, not the more frequent shorter trips we make every day.

 These days on the local journeys I make I will often see someone whizzing past on a Koga or Sparta. In our small town of Leiston quite literally the butcher, the baker and candle-stick-maker have invested in electric bikes and most importantly they USE them, to get to work, to shop, to do the school run, for fun. I believe these are the first small waves of a bigger change in the UK, because overall we’re behind the game – in continental Europe and the far east e-bikes are already mainstream.

 “E-bikes are the fastest growing sector of the cycle industry… 1,600 Germans bought state subsidised electric cars last year. During the same period, and without any state subsidies, they bought 320,000 e-bikes”

 Many of our customers travel up from London and further afield to test-ride our collection of high-end e-bikes, and while spending a couple of hours riding around rural Suffolk is a lovely way to spend an afternoon not everyone has the time. Recognising that many customers want to see and try their e-bike before buying we decided it was time to open a branch of Justebikes in central London.  

 Since the congestion charge was established and with the arrival of Boris Bikes London has become much more cycle aware and more and more Londoners are realizing that getting around the city on two wheels is a viable option.

 With the added security offered by the individually registered immobilisers on our Sparta and Koga ranges, and the benefits of arriving at work invigorated by the journey but not needing to shower, we believe our carefully selected range of e-bikes will soon be the must have vehicle for savvy men and woman about town.

 In six years we’ve only had one theft reported, and that was soon returned to its owner thanks to the unique mechanical and electronic security that’s built into each e-bike.

 Some nice things people have said…

 It feels as though Lance Armstrong has leant you his legs for the day!”  Laurence Witherington, Wall Street Journal

 Trust me, this will go quick enough to take your head off!  There is no better off road power assisted bike.”   Jason Bradbury, The Gadget Show

 If you often need to cycle to work in smart clothes and don’t want to get too disheveled, the extra boost of an electric bike could remove that last barrier to getting you cycling.” Sian Berry from the Campaign for Better Transport

  New London store

318 Portobello Road

London W10 5RU

T. 0208 960 9848




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