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Eco Friendly Buses in Sheffield

Brian Blessed has recently launched the new fleet of eco friendly buses that Stagecoach Yorkshire has just spent £6 million bringing to the roads. This is placing the company at the front of the green initiative and should help to cut thousands of car journeys in the region. The initiative has been driven forward by the introduction of over twenty hybrid buses in Sheffield.

The carbon emissions of these buses are thirty percent less than their non-hybrid equivalents and they will consume around 20,000 less gallons of diesel fuel each year. Customers who choose to travel on them will also benefit from free wireless internet access.

The buses are the first of their kind and they will be operating on the number 120 route. The technology which has made these efficient buses possible was created by BAE systems. The fleet was official launched last week by the actor and explorer, Brian Blessed who was born in South Yorkshire. He has also been taking part in the green celebrations in Sheffield.

The event was more than just a launch as it was an opportunity for people to come and find out more about the new buses. There was also the opportunity to meet the Stagecoach employees who were behind the naked calender that was made for charity – they were signing copies at the launch. The ribbon cutting ceremony itself took place at the Winter Gardens.

The managing director of Stagecoach Yorkshire is Paul Lynch and he commented about the event, “This is something that Stagecoach have managed to achieve with support from the government’s Green Bus Fund and we are very pleased to see the launch of the new buses we have been working on. Stagecoach are dedicated to our green targets which make travel more pleasant for our customers as well as being beneficial to the city and the wider environment.

“As well as being greener, the buses are also more attractive than the others and they offer a smoother ride as there is no gear changing necessary. This is just part of a bigger plan for the city of Sheffield and we are planning to make journeys more comfortable and better value for money over the long term.”

An electric engine that is charged when the bus breaks, assists a diesel engine which makes for more efficient transport. At the event Brian Blessed gave a speech that will have inspired many people to give Sheffield a greener future. He said, “It is wonderful to be in Sheffield and I know that we will be able to clean the atmosphere in this town right up.” Stagecoach is planning to make one billion car journeys unnecessary over the next three years.


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