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Eco-friendly play things to get kids off their gadgets

These days, where it seems like computer technology is overtaking humans, it’s nice to be able to step back and embrace the simple joys of life. Even children nowadays expect to have their own gadgets to play with, but is it even necessary for children to already own a mobile phone or a mini computer in order for them to enjoy themselves? There are many activities a child can do and toys that can be used without parents having to break the bank and you will have some ideas as you read on.

Cardboard boxes: Believe it or not, children’s creativity can multiply simply by putting a cardboard box in front of them. That old saying “kids have more fun with boxes than toys in them” holds a certain truth to it. Children are very easy to please, you put a new shiny toy in front of them and they will want to play with it for a few minutes, you place a box in front of them, their imagination will go wild and they can be left alone with the box for a longer time.

Build a den : Making a tiny little isolated space for kids can leave them busy for hours on end. This can be done through a blanket fort, a pillow tent or any other materials that would give children a feel of their own space.

Kitchen music: This is a creative way for children to express themselves by making music making use of “instruments” found in the kitchen. Children are easily attracted to anything that makes noise and the cheapest way to have that is by handing them wooden spoons, pots or pans.

Talent show: Discover a child’s talent by letting them put on a show that they can enjoy. This can be done through dressing up and then dancing, acting, singing, puppeteering, etc. This will not just allow them to hone their skills but also build confidence while performing in front of other people.



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