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Electric and hybrid vehicles will help save the planet

Despite the constant publicity there are still many who don’t quite get the benefits that electric and hybrid vehicles can bring to the environment. The plain fact is that greener motoring is not just a flash in the pan that will just go away, it is essential to the survival of our environment as we know it. CO2 emissions are reaching a record high and right across the travel board companies are striving  to make a difference.

An expert on such matters in Paul Clarke, who is the editor of He travels the length and breadth of the country at such events as the Regent Street Motor Show to make those who are still in the dark more aware of the impact of CO2 emissions and how greener driving can make a difference. Here we look at some of the most popular issues raised about greener motoring.

It is a fact that electric and hybrid cars are still very much the small minority on British roads, and those who have made the step to greener motoring use them for just urban driving. It has been estimated by a leading research company that despite there being around 62m new vehicles rolling off the assembly lines every year, there will only be sales of 7.5m for greener vehicles in 2020.

There is no real way of predicting the sales in 9 years time, but those businessmen who are pouring millions of pounds into finding ways of improving these vehicles and making them viable option for long distance driving would not be throwing money at a project that they didn’t believe was a viable long term investment and was the future of motoring.

The UK and the rest of Europe are clearly leading the way in greener motoring, and have set themselves incredibly low targets for CO2 emissions. So what about the rest of the world? We can’t force them to follow suit but by continuing the work we are doing and further improving the already impressive results they will have to sit up and take notice.

The Japanese, as you would expect, are also at the forefront of economical and greener motoring, but it is most surprising to see the US so far behind. The best selling car in the US only gives an economy of 14mpg, and the current state of the US motor industry implies that they need a kick up the behind.

When the industry all but went bankrupt recently, it sent shock waves around the world. GM, however, finally seem to have got the right idea and have just launched a Vauxhall Ampera/Chevrolet Volt that delivers 175 mpg, finally it seems that the industry is cottoning on to greener motoring and many more vehicles are expected to follow.

Paris already have an electric car rental scheme in the city and while we have ‘Boris’ bikes’ much has been made of the fact that London, as yet, doesn’t have a similar scheme. The fact is that is currently in development and a few companies have expressed their interest. It is in its infancy at the minute, as there are obvious issues to overcome such as parking to recharge, but it is something that we will be seeing in the capital at some stage.


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