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Electric car friendly city’s on the way

The government has a big plan to bring more electric cars to the streets of the UK, and it intends to make several UK cities locations that are very friendly for electrics cars. Recent information has said that those who buy a car that is electric, or hybrid, may get a contribution to it from the government of up to £5,000.  It is the government’s hope that this will boost the take up of electric cars.

Barry Shrier is the founder of Liberty Electric Cars and has said, “We are going to begin producing electric Range Rovers this year. This is going to be one of the first high powered cars that will have zero emissions; we are also going to ensure that it keeps its powerful acceleration.” Jackie Stewart, the motorsports icon, has said, “There will soon be a new way to power cars. This might be electricity or a hybrid car, or something else entirely.”

The new scheme by the government targets people who are spending more than £12,000 on an electric car. It will offer incentives up to £5,000 and as low as £2,000. Geoff Hoon, the transport secretary has said, “This incentive is only part of what we are planning. We will also be spending £20 million on improving the infrastructure for charging electric cars.

“What we will achieve through this is a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions which will help us combat climate change.” Hoon also said, “There are over 25 million cars in the UK and only one in every thousand of these is electric. By introducing this new scheme we will be creating the potential for this number to grow hugely and greatly reduce the emissions on the roads.”

While the government have said that electric cars are a real alternative to petrol power, critics have said that the cars remain too expensive and that they also do not perform well enough to cover long distances. Alistair Weaver of Sky Motoring has said, “These incentives are good, but they are not going to cause that much of a difference.”

Other critics have said that because the electricity comes from plants that are burning fossil fuels the electric cars are not really making a difference to overall carbon emission levels. The government is also expected to soon announce a £2,000 scrapping incentive to encourage people to buy new cars.


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