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Electric cars set to take over UK roads

As thousands of electric vehicles with zero-emissions hit the road over the next few years, a new revolution will take place in motoring if predictions are right. The electric cars should play and important role in emissions reduction by cutting the dependence on petrol.

The humble car park space will soon take on a huge transformation gone will be the days of just a bare slab of tarmac. An increase, in the demand for kerbsides equipped with recharging posts that will be capable of recharging electric plug-in vehicles that require no petrol but electricity to power their motors, will take place.

Of the over 28 million cars on the road, electric vehicles (EV) only number a few thousand but the government and motoring industry, in a bid to boost the economy and clean up the environment are taking major strides to ramp up the emerging sector.

Within the next few years it is estimated there will be tens of thousands of the EV on the roads with the industry having a banner year in 2011 with six new models of EVs launched and another three to be launched in 2012. The Nissan Leaf is the leading newsmaker being the first 100% EV and will have deliveries soon after going on sale this year.

The Leaf has become the leader and is tipped as the leading environmentally friendly, affordable family car that is expected to expand the market due to its low price and being suitable as a family car similar to the Toyota Prius. There are barriers still to the use of EVs which include the high price for batteries making the price of the vehicles, such as the Leaf or ones from Mitsubishi and Peugeot, costing between £28,000 and £35,000 some 33% more than conventional petrol vehicles.

The Department of Transport is thinking about offering a plugged in car grant to EV customers in order to try and boost the uptake by lowering the initial purchase prices by up to £5,000 with the grant from plug-in hybrids and nine pure EVs, with the discount applied upon purchase of the car.


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