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EPOC Europe to open new recycling plant in the UK

EPOC Europe have just made the announcement that they are going to open a new recycling plant that is going to be recycling glass in a new way in order to make is suitable for use as a ground substrate.

The company have used the new material in an experiment at a church in Churchdown. The material has been transported to the site from Europe and it is such an affordable option that, even with all the transport costs, it is a more affordable substrate for the church.

The new recycling plant is going to be based in the UK which is going to make the material an even more affordable option. The transport costs are significant and by reducing them the amount saved is going to be significant.

The commercial director of the company is Jurgen Baas and he has commented, “It is thought that this factory we are going to build is going to significantly reduce the amount of glass that is still going to landfill in the country. By recycling this glass we are making it into a material that can be used as insulation, something that is much more useful than it just sitting in landfill.”

Currently the recycled glass is imported from Germany where it is produced by a company called EPOC Europe. The materials are produced from glass that comes largely from light bulbs and car windscreens.

The material has excellent insulation properties but is still lightweight, this means that transport is cheaper but also that there is less pressure put on the ground under the insulated area. The company have said that the church project is the first of many being organised by the company.


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